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Shambling, Diadem of Dragon Kind & Surge

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  • Shambling, Diadem of Dragon Kind & Surge

    Sort of a three part question here, bear with me. I did go back and look in the last 20 pages of Rules Discussion but didn't see this mentioned before.

    Say I have a shambling unit, so large infantry of any army. I buy them the Diadem of Dragon Kind so they have Breath Weapon (10). There is a supporting wizard or two who have Surge. Yes, they are in range of my shambling unit.

    This shambling unit is to the right of one of my infantry units, which is facing another large enemy unit to it's front. My shambling unit does not have the flank yet, so my infantry unit holds off charging.

    SO here is where I'm getting confused or maybe double-thinking.

    Could I move up my at my slow shambling walk and get into the flank arc of the enemy unit, since I go slow I can pivot at any time during the move (If I were a normal unit I could only move half to pivot and use my breath weapon). I choose to move my 5 or 6 inches and then pivot 90 degrees to face the foe. I am now in its flank area.

    Since it is now the shooting phase, I could use my breath weapon at the enemy unit.


    And after that attack is over, could I then target my shambling unit with Surge and move them into contact with the enemy?

    I have not read the latest FAQ, sorry for that.

    But is this legal?


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    Yes to everything. Welcome to the wonders or Surge !
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      The actual question is yes, that is legal, but I wanted to pull this part out:

      Originally posted by Enakan View Post
      (If I were a normal unit I could only move half to pivot and use my breath weapon)
      What do you mean by that, exactly...? The only limitations on moving and shooting are that you can't At The Double! and shoot and units with the Reload! rule can't move and shoot; there is no loss in movement associated with any desired shooting action.


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        Normal is regular movement speed to me, no "March" or "At the Double"!!!

        Also Normal units aren't Shambling!

        Or, is Shambling the NEW NORMAL?!?!?!?


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          The point Enakan is that any unit (shambling or non shambling can move its full movement and then shoot. No unit (shambling or not) can move at the double and shoot. You can say that "for you" moving at the double doesn't exist but that is you redefining terms. If you want to understand the rules you can't do that.


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            I got it Thor and Tarc........

            Humor does not translate well on an international forum.

            OR my feeble attempts. In the future I'll just go back to lurker mode.


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              No man, sorry! I was just confused and wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. It's all good!