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  • Joan of Arc & Her Allies

    Good Day,

    I will be taking Joan of Arc and Her Allies to Crucible coming up in two weeks. The list I am considering is the following:

    1 x Rgt Warriors
    2 x Rgt Hvy Warriors (+1 CS and D 4+)
    5 x Chevaliers (1 with Ambushers (pathfinder) and 1 with Claymores (Crushing Strength))
    1 x Mounted General
    1 x Mounted Musician
    1 x Mounted Joan of Arc
    2 x Hero On Winged Beast (reroll hit on one, and reroll one fail to wound on the other)
    2 x Mounted Wizards (each with bane chant)
    1 x Winged Hero with fleet of foot

    For comment!