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  • Anglo-Saxons


    Has anyone ever tried a historical Anglo-Saxon list (with mythical allies) at a tournament? If so, any pointers you would like to share? I am debating bringing this list to Crucible in October.


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    Bring a Dragon and a Phoenix! Harold wouldn't have lost at Hastings if he had a Dragon and a Phoenix.


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      A Dragon would be helpful, but the Saxons were Christians so I believe that Angels would better align with their views as to who should support them :-)
      My 2000 point list looks like

      Musician Mounted
      General Mounted
      3 x Shieldwall Hordes (CS, Vicious, Elite)
      4 x Housecarl Regiments
      2 x Wizards (Bane Chant and Pegasus)
      Hero on Winged Beast
      Winged Hero

      My concern is a lack of chaff at this point and a lack of crushing strength so I don't believe it will do well.

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        You could model a dragon to look like an angel. However, in character, your army looks good. I found when playing historical only, both sides last longer, partly because of the reduced amount of CS and partly because of fewer big hitters (most regiments have 12 attacks). So your bane-chanting wizards are essential. Personally, I would build some healing in as well, hence the phoenix.


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          You just dont have enough threats. No scary cavalry, not enough heavy hitting individuals. You have a solid battle line without healing and without crushing strength it will get turned or broken in quick fashion. That being said drop down to 1 horde and 2 regiments use spare points to get some chaff, and get some heavy cavalry or knights or something that is fast and can cause damage. is my best guess.