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  • Competing with Fantasy Mongol List

    I think I can!

    Since multiple drops will help out in objective scenarios, this list has average nerve but a lot of drops.

    2000 Point Mongol Army

    Regiment of Mongol Horse Archers
    Another regiment of Mongol Horse Archers
    A Third regiment of Mongol Horse Archers
    Can you say FOURTH Regiment of Mongol Horse Archers?

    Regiment of Mongol Lancers - Damascus Steel Blade

    Two Regiments of Archers (Dismounted or Levy troops)

    Two Regiments of Levy (Human Shields)

    Cannon (Chinese of Course!)
    Cannon #2
    Cannon #3

    Mythical Support


    Two Wizards - Bane Chant added to both

    Winged Hero - Fleet of Foot (for that NICE 22" charge!)

    So sixteen drops, nine regiments for grabbing/contesting/ objective and loot markers. Some cheap foot for chaff. A lot of light missile fire plus some heavier stuff.

    Built in mind for battling all comers, no specific fantasy armies were harmed or brutalized in the design of this list......

    Comments from the peanut gallery???

    Thanks Amigos!
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    I think it'd be cool to fit in Genghis Khan. He'd be a real boon to the nerve of all your drops and he's pretty cheap.


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      Good call there!

      I'll do some re-figuring....