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New Artifacts/Veteran abilities

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  • New Artifacts/Veteran abilities

    As Historical has not had an update for Artifacts:
    The following from CoK could work

    Rod of Asclepius (Healing Brew) - 5pts
    Once per Game, when given an Order, this unit may remove D2 points of damage

    Bravery Beer - 5 pts
    The unit has +1 to its waver Nerve value.

    Mirrored Sheilds (Sparkstone) - 10pts
    This unit has a ranged attack with a range of 18" that may only target enemy Heros, Monsters and War Engines. Roll a single dice to hit, needing 4+ to hit regarless of modifiers. If hit is scored, the target unit is disordered during its next turn.

    Fanatical talisman (Helm of Ram) - 15pts
    This unit gains Thunderous Charge (1) Special Rule, or increases the value of its Thunderous Charge by 1.

    Wrath Standard - 15 pts
    The unit gains the Fury Special Rule.

    Sheild Wall (Dragonshard Sheild) - 20pts
    Once per game, when this unit carries out a Helt or Pivot order, it may choose to increase its Defence by +2 to a maximum of 6+ unitl the start of its next turn.

    Banner of the Gods (Banner of the Griffin) - 25pts
    This unit gains the Rallying (1) Special Rule

    If a new book is not launched these would be great for the Errta