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  • napolionics

    I've spent the last year painting a bunch of Napoleonic figures to play with Black Powder, however after our last game I realise I don't actually like Black Powder and much prefer KOW. So now I want to alter KOW to make it suitable for Napoleonics, which mostly will mean allowing line, column and square formations etc. I only intend to use it at home, but has anyone else done a decent version of this ? I cant find one in google, other than a stat list, with no formations.

    I know KOW isnt meant for muskets, and it will probably have to be altered a fair bit, but KOW mechanics are just so good I'd like to have a go at playing it. Anyone tried ?

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    I've toyed some with this, but it's hard as the game isn;t really suited to shooting being a MVP. Never played a test game though, so this is all a dry-water excercise.

    Some ideas I've been toying with:
    -limited army lists for both opponents. (no heavy melee infantry for instance; most infantry having a gun)
    -being able to take artillery in batteries. (one cannon@ 85 points, pair at 140, battery of three for 170). Cannon ignore obstacles. (or remove them if they hit)
    -musket infantry can take bayonets giving them phalanx and immunity to disorder by taking wounds in melee from mounted models. Maybe even thunderous charge (1)?
    -musket infantry regiments and hordes can reform into square formation instead of moving. If they do, they count as having no flanks/rears, but cannot move (or charge) until they have reformed into a normal formation instead

    Ranges for missile weapons
    -Pistols/carabines (cavalry weapon) 12" -> piercing (1)
    -Muskets (18") (piercing (2)
    -Rifles 24" (to represent skirmishers, can only be taken in troops) (piercing (2)
    -mortars 36" Reload! (piercing (1)
    -Cannon 48" Reload! (piercing (4)

    Note that most infantry weapons don't have reload! but ranges shorter than in KoW. This is to allow for manouvering and a decent cavalry/infantry balance.
    Nearly everyone will have defense (3) except for medium calvalry (4) and cuirassiers (5).


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      The idea is not new and the main problem with standard KoW rules is that Napoleonics usually have formation changes and therefore individual bases (better 4-6 minus per base)

      but using the KoM list as basic, you get everything you need
      in addition, more orders would be fine to simulate the formations (square, column of attack, etc)

      but in general a official KoW Napoleon would be nice (KoW Revolution to Secession 1790-1870)


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        Working on a set, which gives a flavour of Napoleonic Warfare but keeping the fast play offered by Kings of War Historical (KoWH). Had test game which went well, got another Thursday. Worked out a couple of new orders Form Square, Occupy Building, both of which worked well. No need to change Formations, as Assault column can be simulated by using a horde of infantry. Did not want to tinker with the rules mechanics of KoWH. Produced Theme army lists and a Master List. Should be ready by the New Year. Actually using 15mm figures at 60% base size of 28mm figures in general. Incorporated the suggestion for Bayonets as posted in this thread. Generally all war engines, muskets and rifles are reload which makes a totally different game than normal, getting the first turn can be critical for positioning forces.


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          I've been playing around with this too. I've created different stat lists for Line Infantry in Square, Line Infantry in Column, Line Infantry in Line etc
          and allowed a formation change during movement phase and then half normal movement. So a square gets 2 attack dice, Column 4 and a Line 8, but a worse defense and nerve. Added Special rules like 'Steady Under Fire', meaning the unit doesn't get disordered under fire, 'Receive Cavalry' which means a mounted unit can only Hit on a 6 'Fish in a Barrel' any artillery gets a +1 to hit, Both of those are on the Square stat line. etc. It works quite well, but I'm not sure how to do a closing fire ability.

          I want to allow a charged unit to shoot a volley before it gets in to melee, which means the charger may fail the nerve test, but it messes up the turn sequence. It actually works better as a phase sequence, move-move, fight-fight rather than IGOUGO, but then out course its not KOW.

          Anyone any ideas how to simulate closing fire ?(The brits especially would hold the line, until you could see the whites of their eyes, then let lose a volley which could break a charging unit before it even engaged)

          In the mean time I've been playing with Rank and File rules which are easy but lack some of the flavour of KOWH.


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            Ok so heres the rules I've come up with. I've play tested it in 3 games and it plays really well, its fast and deadly.
            I've add a charge reaction before the melee phase where the opponent can attempt to form square or fire a volley.etc. Originally this in conjunction with the attack dice on a firing line was too powerful, so I reduced the attack dice. Thats becasue I like the charge reaction. If you wanted to keep the game core KOW you could drop the volley and scatter reactions and just keep formsquare. I'd put the attack dice up a bit for line in that case.(add 2 dice). Personally I think the charge reaction makes it more Napoleonic, and makes a unit think twice before going in to melee without support.

            I think canons are underpowered in KOW, I've left them the same, but added a canister rule(double dice, +2 to hit but only for 6 inches) Which makes running up for a frontal attack deadly.

            I think allowing formation changes to increase a stat(at the loss of another) adds a whole new dimension to the game. If anyone gives them a go please let me know how you find them.

            I couldnt upload an pdf so here's a dropbox link.

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              After much more play testing, here's version 1.2 of the rules.

              Its core KOW with charge reaction and formation change rules added ( Otherwise it would be a game of ancients with muskets). There are stat lines for regular infantry, Guard (Veteran)Infantry, Landwehr(Green) Infantry, as well as light/heavy cavalry artillery, and a few heroes. ( Yes Sharpe and Harper are included).

              The main driver for this was to play Napoleonics with my son without him having to learn a new set of rules. He didn't like black powder, but he loves these.
              We've played quite a few games of this, and its fast and fun, with a good Napoleonic flavour. PM me if you try it, or have any suggestions etc.

              Stat Cards

              Thanks for looking