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Arms Race Campaign.

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  • Arms Race Campaign.

    Our club (The Cabal; in Pretoria, South Africa) runs a 4 round campaign over 2 months every 2 months. August and September are KoW's turn.
    I thought I would share what we're doing with those of you who are interested.

    The gist is that players bring armies without magical artefacts and the use gold (earned in game, by victory or grabbing loot tokens) to buy artefacts for their army (the rules are attached).
    I should note that this is designed for a dozen players over 4 rounds. Give less gold (half) if you want to try it over a longer time or with a lot more players
    Name Player Army Score 1 Score 2 Score 3 Score 4 Gold earned Gold Draw 1 Draw 2 Draw 3 Draw 4
    Saul 1 Speed Kings 60 60 10 130 25 8 7 2 10
    Louis 2 Ogres 40 40 10 90 15 5 12 1 9
    Mark 3 Gitstikka 20 0 20 40 20 10 11 6 bye
    Joppie 4 Ratkin 40 10 0 50 0 13 9 8 11
    Fouche 5 Salamaders 20 50 10 80 10 2 10 9 6
    Antoine 6 Basilea 0 50 30 80 40 12 bye 3 5
    Duane 7 Lab rats 50 0 60 110 60 11 1 5 8
    Gerrit de Swart 8 Trident Realms 0 60 40 100 40 1 13 12 7
    Matthys 9 Ogres 40 30 10 80 50 bye 4 5 2
    Yarik 10 Salamaders 30 10 50 90 60 3 5 11 1
    David 11 Empires of Dust 10 30 0 40 0 7 3 10 4
    Dawid 12 Suicide Elves 50 10 0 60 0 6 2 8 12
    Gerrit Janse van Rensburg 13 Orks 0 0 50 50 0 4 8 bye 13
    The following artefacts are taken:
    Brew of haste (Saul)
    Helm of Confidence (Saul)
    Scarletmaw's Fenulian Amulet (Saul)
    Blessing of the Gods (Saul)
    Brew of Sharpness (Saul)
    Blade of Slashing (Louis)
    Mace of Crushing (Louis)
    War Bow of Kaba (Louis)
    Brew of Strength (Louis)
    Heart-seeking Chant (Louis)
    Inspiring Talisman (Mark)
    Fire Oil (Joppie)
    Black Iron Crown (Joppie)
    Blade of the Beast Slayer (Joppie)
    Inspiring Talisman (Fouche)
    Crystal pendant of retribution (Fouche)
    Chalice of Wrath (Antoine)
    Brew of Keeneyeness (Antoine)
    Wine of Elvenkind (Antoine)
    Kevinar's Flying Hammer (Duane)
    Maccwar's Potion of the Caterpillar (Duane)
    Chant of Hate (Duane)
    Kaba's Holy Hand Grenades (Duane)
    The Fog (Duane)
    Pipes of Terror (Fishy Gerrit)
    Myrrmidon's amulet of the Fire Heart (Fishy Gerrit)
    Lute of Darkness (Fishy Gerrit)
    Aegis of the Elohi (Fishy Gerrit)
    Diadem of Dragon Kind (Matthys)
    Chalice of Wrath (Matthys)
    Jar of Four Winds (Matthys)
    Boots of Levitation (Yarik)
    Kaba's Holy Hand Grenades (Yarik)
    Healing Charm (Yarik)
    Brew of Courage (David)
    Shroud of the Saint (David)
    Staying Stone (Dawid)
    Dwarven Ale (Dawid)
    Maccwar's Potion of the Caterpillar (Dawid)
    Banner of the Griffin (Dawid)
    Darklord's Onyx Ring (Orcy Gerrit)
    Crepognon's Scrying Gem of Zellak (Orcy Gerrit)
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    The general campaign fluff follows and player fluff will be attached here.

    Zigrax looked over the large lake where home should be. Home used to be a fiery hell pit full of competition before it got flooded, so things are looking up. THEY would still be down there though.
    If Zigrax did something big it could mean power and elevation from the Wicked Ones.
    Down in the waters there would be weapons, magical weapons of great power, without owners. Zigrax has the magic to dive down there and get them. He could give the power to a warboss; that would start a threat. Wounds are still being licked and that would draw too much attention…
    What if the desperate could get power for gold? Yes.
    Goblins would venture out of their safe caves to get more shinnies. They always need power to deal with whatever hornet nest they last bumped. Rats would want to find power to fend off those below them (or just above), but would venture out of their warrens if they need gold. Undead kings would use artefacts of power to raise empires. The noble but desperate, like dishonoured elves, would hear the rumour and try to gain the edge. Ogres, greenskins and Varangur chieftains would notice and seek power for themselves. They would finally have a reason to gather gold. Men would have to defend themselves. Those with little regard for wealth would have a reason to raid, pillage and battle for gold.
    The warring for gold would have to be stopped; the good and noble Salamanders or Nerticans would need magical weapons to compete by the time they notice
    Can’t be too obvious; who would deal with an abyssal now? A disguise, become a rumour that the sensible will dismiss until they became desperate too. Zigrax would become a dark wizard dealing magical arms.
    Now to find some goblins “not hiding” in a cave…
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      Tried looking at your attached files and get "Invalid" for them.

      Maybe a link?


      Looks interesting!!!


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        Thats weird, they worked for me.


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          Seems ti be an issue with different apps not working together. Things that I get through whatsapp seem to give issues.
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            Originally posted by Enakan View Post
            Tried looking at your attached files and get "Invalid" for them.

            Maybe a link?


            Looks interesting!!!
            Did you come right?


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              There is a limit of 5 attachments per post, so more lists here.
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                Last 3 lists.
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                  Round one has started with the speedy goblins taking an early (and brutal for the Trident Realms) lead (max gold to none). The other goblins seem to have taken a rather confused draw. The labrats won an decisive, but more merciful victory (gaining 50 gold). Ogres dud well too defeating Salamanders on one field and the other general grabbing treasure from the nightmare powers that be (the bye plays the campaign organiser).

                  The orks, other rats, basileans and suicide elves could not make club night so will habe thier battles next week.


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                    From the newer Salamander player:

                    The jungle air was heavy and warm; spiced with the scents of exotic life in overgrown abundance. A persistent peripheral buzz of teeming life threatened to drown out the rustle of leaves at any moment. Fingers of light reached into the depths of the jungle canopy, mottling the deep brush in splotchy shadows. Not a leaf moved.

                    With meticulous, practiced predatory precision, a colossal sleek shape slid through vegetation, unnoticed to its prey. The Beast towered meters tall, and everything about its saurian form screamed death. Its eyes were focused ahead, unmoving and intent. Its expansive snarling maw was slightly parted. Its tremendous fangs gleamed in the snatches of sunlight. The monstrosities prey stood before it, oblivious to its imminent death. The bovine creature munched upon roughage, completely at ease. With a tensing of muscle, and a twitch of emerald green skin, the predator launched itself faster than the eye could follow at the hapless prey. The predator unleashed a deep and resonant roar that rattled the trees around it. The prey froze, and just as it had begun, the hunt was over with a visceral crack of bone and wet tearing of flesh. The predator loomed over its meat, tearing at it with monstrous hooked claws and tearing chunks of flesh free with its powerful Jaws. It devoured its meal with unrestrained abandon, gulping down the still warm flesh at a terrifying rate. The Drake devoted all of its energy to the act of consumption...

                    Yet the Drake was not alone.

                    Deeper still beneath the brush, lying in wait with the patience only sentience could temper, watched another predator. This one was no mere beast. He was older than every beast in the land; his ferocity and calculating cunning had ensured this.
                    He stood as silent and as solid as stone, his cold blood and hardened scales lending him unflinching stealth.
                    He was The Ancient One, Clan Lord of the First Born, and last surviving of his brood. His gnarled, scarred crocodilian face was turned towards the monstrous Drake. His eyes glittered with the incandescent smolder of countless sunsets. With unyielding force and the ponderous speed that eroded mountains, he took an utterly silent step forward. His tail was held aloft, it swayed and curled around the leaves as he stalked forward. Never once did its thick musculature betray his position. The Drake continued to devour its meal, it's back towards The Ancient One as he stalked it.
                    The Drake loomed over The Ancient One, yet despite being many times smaller, The Ancient One showed not the slightest qualm.
                    Deep in his chest, The Ancient One’s heart gave one mighty pump, and ceased with practiced ease. He would need no more blood than what coursed through him now to dominate this beast.
                    The Drake whirled around wild eyed, it's instinct warning it of something it had not fathomed for years... Danger. The Ancient One froze, so utterly still, that he would not be amiss amongst the knotted tree trunks. The Drake looked overlooked the form of The Ancient One, for it sensed no warmth or movement. Only the sounds and frantic twitching of the fervent carrion insects could be detected. The Drake continued to keep watch for an hour, until it was satisfied that its instincts were wrong. It returned to its ripened meal, visibly at ease.

                    The Ancient One’s muscles unbunched, like the mechanism of an unbreakable lock being unlocked. He rolled his shoulders with the deliberation of a cascading boulder. His lips peeled back, revealing hundreds of ripping and piercing teeth rooted deeply in his solid set jaws, and from deep within his belly.... Came a rumble that sounded like the cracking of mountain peaks; dull, deep, and inexorable. The Drakes pupils constricts as its very bones reverberated, and a primal fear gripped its base instincts. The Drake turned slowly to face The Ancient One whom stood but a breath away. For minutes the two stood face to face, eye to eye.
                    The Ancient One pounced with an explosive movement, giving no sign or warning. His muscles uncoiled, and he yawned his trap jaws wider than what should've been possible. The Drake roared in abject defiance and fear, and tried to sinuously turn to avoid the stocky jaws. But The Ancient One would not be denied, he was the force of nature that came for all, he was fear and he was death.
                    The Ancient One sank his teeth into the Drakes neck, just behind the creatures snapping maw. He clamped down with such force, that the muscle tissue beneath the Drakes thickened scales were pierced and began to twitch. The Drake attempted to rear up, trying to dislodge The Ancient One. That would not do.
                    The Ancient One reach up to the Drake, wrapped his arms around the creature’s neck, and with a titanic pull, wrenched the creature to the ground, his jaws firmly set within its flesh.
                    The Drake collapsed onto the floor, and its front limbs thrashed and slashed at The Ancient One, raking the old one’s scales in desperation. His back scales had long since been numb however, and though deep rends appeared in The Ancient Ones flesh, he did not relent. The Ancient One anchored himself in the earth, and with a herculean effort, began to maul the massive Drake beneath him. He shook his head violently, tossing the Drake about as if it were no larger than a small morsel of meat. He sunk his claws into the neck, and unclamped his jaws, holding the beast down with massive bunched up shoulders. He stood over the frantic Drake, and gave a reality shattering roar, silencing even the insects for miles around.
                    The Drake went limp, dazed and submissive to this apex predator that pinned it down.
                    The two of them stood like this for hours, with the Drake occasionally struggling weakly against the might of its captor to no avail. When the Drake had finally ceased its struggling, The Ancient One with the effort of a small child picking up a toy, wrenched the Drake to its feet, forcing it to remain upright. He gripped the Drake around the throat, and looked it deeply in the eyes whilst a growl reverberated in his chest. He stalked around the creature’s side with purpose, and with a single jump, mounted the greatest beast in the jungle. The Ancient One was pleased. His many days of awaiting his prey had payed off. Soon, his clan, older than any memory in the land, would awaken to assert dominance on the land once more. None would stand before him atop his prize.


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                      The speed kings picked up the brew of haste (because yes, speed is king), the helm of confidence, for the orcs, as they got their egos bruised by the trident realms, (I forgot they have fury...or do they?) and the blessing of the gods, because what good is getting there first if you can't hit anything?

                      fleabags gasping for breath and frothing at the mouth the twin kings crested the hill on their chariots and surveyed the plains... and founf them to be alive with hordes of giant ratmen scuttling about. Huge beasts lumbered through the camp eating whatever, dwarfed by massive machines of death.
                      the kings glanced at each other, fear rising swiftly in their cowardly bellies.
                      "where to from here? the only way out is through..."
                      "send in the orcs, and the trolls, we'll see if we can get past them without being noticed"
                      "but looook!!!! theres more gold in hte plains"
                      "let the orcs fetch it, i'm not getting involved in a tiff with the rats"
                      "fine, you go, i'm going to get some gold!!"
                      "fine, i'll shoot them a bit, maybe they'll chase us and split their forces, but they'll never catch me!!"


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                        Zigrax watched the dead elves stir and rise. Form a distance, that kind of magic is... unpleasant and he does not need to draw attention from Her. Watching an ogre bite heal is the kind of horrific that fixes the eyes though.
                        These ogres are on a rampage! Getting gold and buying magic that makes them even stronger. Only the speed obsessed goblins are causing more havoc and claiming more wealth. A clash must be engineered, can't have anyone become too powerful.

                        The other ogre horde is not slacking either, where next? The rats all started well, but seemed to scatter at thier latest foes. They'll be back even more curious and greedy for power. The band of orcs seems to be gaining experience, but the sea had some wrath to deliver.
                        ​​​​​​The plan to spread strife and greed is working. The salamanders are concerned with each other, may the most brutal rise. If ill gotten power prevails then success and morals will be at odds, a manipulative demon's dream.

                        Speaking of manipulation, there are some Basileans who need a reason to ride out on a crusade against the evil in the world...
                        Before the next round of invasions begin and while Gitstikka gets to the desert.
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                          THe rats did not catch the speed kings, a very brief and bloody battle led to the utter obilteration of all the ratty forces, the rats withered and melted, even their machines fell without doing much damage to the elite horde of fleabags, who shredded 2 hordes of brutes and basically cleaned a whole flank.

                          the Kings surveyed the battleground, the damage was minor apart from the rabble horde being severely depleted, some orc skullks creaping back into camp after being scattered to the wind by the rat cavalry and some wild mawbeasts being rounded up, the remaining racers were largely unscratched.

                          a very successful campaign, .

                          "job done eh? plus we got all the gold"
                          "aye, but i fear we've brought some unwanted attention from the big bad ogres"
                          "hah, i'm feeling very confident, plus we can go buy some extra ord'nance for that fight"
                          "don't be a fool, the ogre commander is wily and when they get hungry, goblins on the menu"
                          " so don't let em catch you, simple as that."
                          "grumble grumble grumble'
                          "why can't we pick on hte orcs like everyone else is?"
                          "cos our orcs won't like it much, and theres nothing worse than camping with an orc who wants to eat you"


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                            Forward from our WhatApp group:
                            ​​​​In other news: Even though the Elves knew they had absolutely no chance of stopping the relentless horde of Ogres swarming across their border, they stood firm and killed as many of the beasts as possible. There was a furious brawl in the middle of the battlefield. Many an Elf died (much to their delight - rest at last!) Many Ogres died too, and many others ran away in sheer fright at the intensity of the Elven defence. The Ogres were even worried for a while, but sheer numbers eventually prevailed. The Lady screeched in frustrated rage at the inability of her Elven slaves (oops, I mean: "prisoners with jobs") to halt the Ogre invasion. How dare they die, the fools!? When the dust settled, only the glorious Elven heavy cavalry, the Lady, and one mage, survived. But the Ogres had paid a heavy price for their victory, and the Elven defeat was an honorable one (even though the Lady does not thinks so - the bitch!)