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    Three Hundred is a new way of playing a quick game of Kings of War for people who find the 30 minutes taken to play a 1K Blast game too long. It is won and lost in the planning stage in trying to outguess what your opponent will bring to the party. The mechanics are simple and the game can even be played without miniatures, although cards for the magic items make life a lot simpler.

    Each player has a single unit valued at up to 300 points. If the basic unit costs less than 300 points, any number of magic items may be taken to boost the cost to 300. Before a battle, you must declare what your base unit will be, and this remains constant if playing in a league. However, you may change the magic items taken before every battle. After initial play testing we decided to ban the use of Doppelgangers. The Crystal Pendant also generated some difficult issues and was banned.

    The game system works best in a league where you play every other player home, and away. Home advantage means that you get first turn.

    When determining who has the benefit of charging, thunderous charge etc, we decided that we would take account of the relative speeds of the 2 units. For example, a unit of speed 8 knights charges a unit of speed 5 infantry. The combined speed is 13. The knights will have 8/13 of their attacks counting as charging with thunderous charge bonus with the remainder counting as not having charged. The infantry will have 5/13 of their attacks counting as charging. Round down the number of attacks counting as charging and round up the number counting as not charging.

    We felt that there should be some benefit from having the vanguard, nimble and pathfinder special rules and so decided that these would each add 1 to a unit’s speed when calculating the number of attacks counting as charging. We did however limit the maximum speed of a unit to 10.

    The ‘home’ player goes first in every round of the battle. The first round of a battle is reserved for magic and shooting, for those units that haver magic or shooting attacks. In the second round, each side counts as charging with the mechanics shown above. There are 3 further rounds of combat. If both units are still alive at the end of the game, the game is drawn.

    If the game is drawn, the unit with fewest wounds at the end of the battle has a winning draw and the other player has a losing draw. If the number of wounds is equal, the battle is a complete draw.

    Scoring is:

    · 5 points for a win.
    · 4 points for a winning draw.
    · 3 points for a complete draw.
    · 2 points for a losing draw.
    · 1 point for a loss.

    We used a Regiment of Soul Reaver Cavalry (300 points exactly) as the ‘base’ unit in tests and tried the game with a number of opponents. Here for example is a game against a horde of Salamander Ancients on Rhinosaurs with Helm of Confidence and Blade of Slashing. The Ancients have home advantage.

    Neither side has shooting or magic attacks and so it is straight on to the first round of combat in which both side charges. The combined speed is 15. The Ancients therefore have 7/15 * 18 charging attacks rounding down = 7 attacks with thunderous charge (2) and 11 without (note that had the unit taken the Brew of Haste, it would have had 9 attacks with thunderous). The 7 attacks with thunderous (2), crushing (2) and the 11 attacks with crushing (2) do 7 wounds to the Soul Reavers that now face a nerve check needing 8 to waver and 10 to rout, modified to 7 and 9 by the Ancient’s brutal special rule. They pass.

    The Soul Reavers now attack. They have 8/15 * 20 charging attacks rounding down = 10 attacks with thunderous charge 2 and 10 without. The 10 attacks with thunderous charge (2) and crushing 1 and the 10 attacks with crushing (1) inflict 10 wounds on the Ancients that now face a nerve check needing 8 to rout, but with an inspiring re-roll from the Helm of Confidence. They pass. The Soul Reavers heal 2 wounds from Life Leech leaving them on 5 wounds.

    In the next round of combat, the Ancients do not benefit from any attacks with thunderous and so rely on their crushing strength (2). The Ancients inflict 6 further wounds which combine with the 5 already on the unit brings them to 11. Factoring in the Ancient’s brutal special rule, the Soul Reavers are facing a nerve check needing 3 to waver and 5 to rout. By chance they survive but are wavered and the Ancients finish them off next turn.

    The Ancients score 5 for a win and the Soul Reavers score 1 for a loss.

    As we further develop the rules, there are a number of options we are considering. For instance, should we do away with home advantage and have both units attack simultaneously? Alternatively, should we have a sliding scale of points depending on how long the losing player holds out:

    Game ends turn 1 (shooting turn): Winner 10 points, loser 0.
    Game ends turn 2: Winner 8 points, loser 2.
    Game ends turn 3: Winner 7 points, loser 3.
    Game ends turn 4: Winner 6 points, loser 4.
    Game does not end on turn 5, draw: Each player 5 points.

    There is some way to go as we refine the rules but food for thought.
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    Cool way to find new ways to play.


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      Cool idea, but I think you would need a pretty long ban list in order to make more than a few select units viable.


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        Originally posted by Rapax View Post
        Cool idea, but I think you would need a pretty long ban list in order to make more than a few select units viable.
        I agree. It seems like they are trying to compensate for the fact that if a cavalry unit has 1 more speed than another cav unit then the faster unit doesn't automatically win (even though the extra point of speed is very relevant in game and can result in this). It is just not realistic as far as combat in an actual game goes. Even if you change point values, this system favors slow, anvil type units that have CS instead of TC.


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          Rhordia Dogs of War horde, hammer of measured force and dwarven ale. De5, -1 to hit, negates TC so m4 irrelevant, 30 attacks on 4+, wounds on 4+ , headstrong. ;-)

          Zombie legions could be tasty, ensnare/regen/phalanx unit heavy units as well.