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Christmas Carnage 2018

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  • Christmas Carnage 2018

    Christmas comes but once a year, a bit depressing for Mrs Christmas perhaps but a good opportunity to break out the toys and hit Christmas Carnage at BIG in Bristol.

    The Moonrakers were there in force sporting the new 2019 away team strip, keen to make a good start in our campaign to win best dressed team at Clash of Kings 2019. There were also bonus points on offer from tournament organiser Matt James for wearing Christmas themed accessories.

    Paul went fully dressed as Father Christmas, or would have done had the ‘one size fits all; outfit actually fitted him. In the bits that did fit he made a fine figure of a man, commanding his Elf vanguarding shambling list with lots of Forest Shamblers creating an almost entirely vanguarding force.

    Andy was resplendent, well his army was. A newly painted Undead force with Twilight Kin chariot hordes themed with Black Coaches and lots of bats.

    I took my Abysmal Dwarfs, the Rusty Shackles, with the Broken Slaves formation supported by 2 hordes of Golems and 2 hordes of Grotesques, topped off with Basusu, an Overmaster and a second Slave Driver.

    What was in store for us? Well, the first obstacle to overcome was the cracker on each table which Matt insisted we pulled and read out the (very poor) joke. “Why did the boy throw his toast out of the window?” “Because he wanted to see the butterfly.” And we pay to attend this event???

    Anyway, on to Game 1, Dominate against James’ Empire of Dust. This was a very tight game played largely on the right hand side of the table. James appeared to be getting on top but them one of my Slave Orc hordes survived a dodgy nerve test needing a 6 and I managed to pull out a 16:4 win.

    If you were an Undead skeleton from the Empire of Dust, why would you choose to spend Winter in the UK? I don’t know either but my second opponent in a pillage scenario was Ed, also sporting Empire of Dust. We had 6 pillage tokens spread widely across the board and spent a lot of time dancing around each other. Or at least shambling slowly around each other. In the end we drew a low scoring match 10:10.

    On to game 3 where I face Moonraker Paul in a push scenario. Paul placed the bulk of his force on my left with one regiment of Shamblers and 3 characters in the centre and a regiment and Forest Warden on my right. My plan was to go for the central token and then fight into Paul’s table half with my Orcs supported by a horde of Golems holding my 3 tokens, hold up Paul’s advance on my left and send the Overmaster to keep his other flank busy.

    I mean, how difficult can it be for 2 hordes of Orcs and a horde of Golems to dispose of 3 characters and a regiment of Shamblers? I know the characters all had Sabre Toothed Pussy Cats (snowmen) but how many wounds are they likely to cause on a horde of Orcs? Twenty one wounds later I found out. Ouch.

    On the left, I had the better of things, ultimately killing everything there, including the Tree Herder holding his 3 tokens, collected his tokens and ran into Paul’s table half. In the centre however, the loss of my Orc Horde exposed my Golem’s to Paul’s attacks and in the last turn he killed it and got into my table half with 4 tokens for a win by 13:7.

    In the final game I was up against Dangerous Dave’s army of Men in an Invade scenario. Dave split his army across both flanks with little in the middle. I placed some units on both flanks but kept a large part of my army poised centrally with the option of going either way. After a lot of grinding between our big hordes, I eventually managed a 16:4 win from a very tight and competitive game.

    And so to the reckoning. Paul made it to second place with 3 wins and one draw, earning himself a natty pair of Christmas socks. I came 5th and Andy came 6th and also won the best army vote.

    Thanks to Matt for another great tournament and to all my opponents.

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    I can't believe you left out the most important moment - my double 1 in turn 6 that allowed you to scrape a very lucky draw in game 2! Sad that even KOW battle reports are not immune to fake news.


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      What double 1? It never happened. Honest.