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  • Emmisary of Destruction Tournament


    The Emissary of Destruction was a 4 game, 1,995 point Kings of War tournament held at BIG in Bristol on 15 September 2018. In addition to their basic 1,995 points, each army also had an Emissary of Destruction individual hero on a 25 mm base, which counted as part of the army rather than an ally. There were 4 different variations of the Emissary and each army had to use all 4 variations, one each round, during the tournament.

    Emissary Statistics

    Having an emissary gave me the opportunity to dig out some old friends from the bottom of my army boxes and give them a quick touch up to match the statistics of the various emissaries.

    My Emissaries, left to right:
    Harry the Hammer (plus 2 Att, stealthy),
    Standard Bearer (rallying (2)),
    Grimgor Ironing Board (regen (5+) [regen is an anagram of green]),
    Warrior Mage (fireball 10).


    I decided to run with an Undead army, even raising a new unit for the event.

    By the *****ing of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes ….

    I managed to get in a couple of practice games against my fellow Moonrakers. The first game was against Andy’s Salamanders in a loot scenario and can be seen in my video at:

    I wiped out Andy’s left flank, Andy wiped out my left flank and we ended up scrapping over one loot token for the win. In the end, it was a draw with one token each and one unclaimed.

    My second game was against Paul’s Kingdoms of Men in an invade scenario (you can see that I wanted to test my army against other top tier forces (well certainly top 20 anyway)).

    Paul put a mind spell on me, causing me to forget to move my Werewolves on one turn, hence their rather isolated position in this picture, and then danced around me with his nimble horse archers. Unfortunately, Ra 5+ with relatively few shots did not do much damage, particularly when directed against individuals or units behind cover. Paul spent 3 turns targeting my Necromancer to ensure that I could not get off any sneaky surge spells, but this enable me to pin his hordes in place and destroy his army piecemeal giving me a win.

    The games allowed me to refine my list and here is the final army:

    And so, on to the tournament.

    GAME 1

    For Game 1, I was paired with Rusty. I have known Rusty for some time and I was about to congratulate him on the success of his plastic surgery when I was told that he had not made it to the tournament and my opponent was in fact Dan with a lovely Ogre and Elohi army made largely from Stormcast Eternals. The scenario was Pillage.

    The battlefield was fairly open.

    We had a bit of a stand off on the right flank with our fast moving forces and I advanced on the left and centre. Being Ogres, I knew that I could fly my Vampire on Dragon over the top of Dan’s lines and out of his charge arcs. I had, of course, forgotten about the Emissary of Destruction that quickly charged in and took 6 wounds from the Vamp. Ouch.

    We traded blows and it was looking even until I had a massive turn 3 which swung things in my favour and I manged to run out with a 17: 3 win.

    GAME 2

    Game 2 was invade against Nick’s Ratkin. Nick has previously beaten me with a Varangur force and I did not fancy the look of all that shooting and Lightning Bolts.

    I decided to take the first turn and advanced, bringing my fast moving right flank units in towards the centre in order to over-match the shooting. Nick shot but did not do any critical damage. This photo shows the position at then of the first turn.

    On turn 2, I was into the shooting units and started to chip away at them while shoring up my right flank with chaff and my Emissary. Eventually, I ended up with 2 regiments in his half and he had a horde in mine. On his last turn, Nick had the change to kill a regiment with lightning bolts but failed and I ended up with another win, this time by 16:4.

    GAME 3

    On to game 3, against Dave’s Dwarfs in a push scenario.

    The position after initial moves:

    What does any right-thinking Vampire with a highly mobile force do when facing 2 Steel Behemoths? You dance around them and kill the squishier units of course. What did I do? I went flat-out and charged both of them in the same turn. It half worked as I killed one and wavered the other. I was celebrating and then Dave reminded me about Headstrong.

    Two turns later and I was sweeping my army into the dustbin and Dave was celebrating a 20:0 win.

    GAME 4
    “Stands the church clock at half past three,
    And is there Orc’s blood still for tea?”

    After the slim pickings of that last game, my Vampire was a bit dehydrated and, it being tea time, I went for a cuppa. But, better fluids were in store as Matt’s Orcs with Goblin allies hove into view for the final game, a Dominate scenario.

    With a unit strength of 20 gazillion on his side, I really needed to kill lots of things and quickly. This picture emphasises the difference in army size:

    We had a bit of a stand off on the left but Matt made a mistake on the right and I took out both his flank Gore Riders. This allowed me to concentrate on his scary horde of GreatAx which I managed to take out in a single turn of combo-charges.

    Matt had, of course, not been idle and was chipping off wounds with his Goblin shooting. We eventually ended up much depleted with the same unit strength in the dominate zone but with 2 Goblin regiments and a King on chariot about to arrive. I blocked the Goblins and charged his blocking Emissary with my Soul Reaver cav to free up a next turn charge for the win. I manged 3 wounds and did not even waver him. (And in the next round I still did not manage to kill him). In Matt’s turn, I realised that I had not blocked his Goblins sufficiently well and the King could get a nimble charge into the scoring zone. Matt rolled a 1 for his yellow bellied test!

    10:10 draw. A really tight, tense and exciting game.


    Another great tournament organised by Matt. Thanks to Matt, BIG and to all my opponents for a great day.

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    Nice report, gutted to have missed it, and the chance for a re-match game 1
    especially after converting and painting up my 4 dwarf emissaries


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      Plastic surgery joke was great.
      Where did they get the fire battlemat? Looks fabulous


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        Not sure about the mat. Matt James may know.