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[VIDEO] Ogres vs Varangur [KILL, 2000pt] - Bier und Brezel Tabletop

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  • [VIDEO] Ogres vs Varangur [KILL, 2000pt] - Bier und Brezel Tabletop

    Hi guys! I just uploaded my first Kings of War battle report to my Youtube Channel Bier und Brezel Tabletop. It is only in German unfortunately, but the report is heavily edited and narrated and this - combined with the clear ruleset of Kings of War should make the action understandable even for non German speakers.

    I publish all kinds of battle reports on Bier und Brezel Tabletop. If you would like to see more KoW in this style (or something else!) then please tell me!

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    Nice report there. And you're right, with the remnants of my school-level German and the cleanness of KoW I was able to follow that surprisingly well.

    Two good-looking armies there, but you really need to get some more terrain on that battlefield!

    Thanks for posting.