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Batrep Nightstalkers vs. Orcs.

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  • Batrep Nightstalkers vs. Orcs.

    Standing at a promising 2-1 from the first 3 games with my nascent nightstalker force, I had a rematch against the orcs at 2000 points. I quite liked how the 2 hordes of scarecrows & 1 of bloodworms had worked out, so didn't make any major changes, going with;

    Blood Worm Horde, staying stone
    2 Scarcrow Hordes
    Doppelganger Regiment
    Nightmare Regiment, Potion of the Caterpillar (I know - it made some kind of sense at the time )
    Regiment of Needlefangs
    Troop of Shadowhounds
    Planar Apparition, weakness spell (I wanted to try this)
    Banshee, weakness spell
    Horror, Bane Chant, Myrdden's amulet of the fireheart (I can't take a flagger with bane chant, so it has to be this guy )
    Shade, enchanted armour (D6 flyers, I can have them. Low nerve sadly)
    Dread Fiend

    The orcs turned up with
    Horde of ax
    2 regiments of great ax
    regiment of ax
    Horde of gore chariots
    Regiment of gore riders
    War drum
    Flagger with griffin
    Flagger with bane chant
    Krudger with wings of honeymaze
    Krudger on winged slasher

    So, lots of speed, lots of hitty power. I was going to have to hem it in and pick my fights well. We rolled up occupy, so one objective in the centre, one in each players half. Scoring from the end of turn 3 onwards. I wasn't terribly happy about that since the orcs would have early board control and were quite well placed to camp strong units in the centre. An interesting point is that you score objectives at the end of your turn, so it was possible to steal some points even if you didn't control an objective.

    I should add an apology here, the maps and some of the details are distinctly fuzzy, it would be better to write these things sooner after playing .

    OrcsvsNS0618_Turn_1_Orcs.jpg So, after the first orc turn it looks like this. The orcs have an early advantage camping objectives, and I'm just going to have to be a bit patient and try to encircle the centre. I was quite happy to be able to at the double past the Krudger on slasher with the dreadfiend, and wheel to face the orc flanks. Meanwhile the Mindscreech took up position on the hill and let loose with the first of several very effective volleys, managing to waver the gore riders.

    Turn 2

    Just consolidation from the Orcs, the Krudger menacing the flanks. The dreadfiend spied an opportunity to charge across the front of the gore riders and took a chance on the mindscreech stopping them to hit the chariots in the flank. Meanwhile the shade hit them in the front to hold them in place and the shadow hounds harried the winged krudger to buy the mindscreech more time. In the centre, worrying about how easily the orcs were going to start scoring, I decided to defend the token with the bloodworms, making my usual silly mistake of vastly overestimating how tough hordes are!

    Happily the mindscreech was once again dead on target, obliterating the gore riders, and the combined charge was enough to waver the chariots (nothing redeems a plan like good nerve roles, and I had a few here). After my turn two it looked like this;


    Orc Turn 3

    The wavered chariots retreated, using the wood for cover but opening up the flank for the dreadfiend. Meanwhile the greatax carved a great swathe through the bloodworms and the Krudger hit the shadow hounds, leaving both units wavered and my left flank somewhat exposed.


    Nightstalker Turn 3

    Drawing on their dwarven ale, the bloodworms rolled headstrong and..nope. So a good turn of healing and recuperationg beckoned, while the dreadfiend set into the flank of one unit of greatax while the mindscreech, ignoring the threat from the winged krudger, obliterated the gore chariots. The shade positioned himself to hit the winged slasher if it went after the mindscreech, and the shadow hounds took advantage of nimble to shuffle backwards and turn to face the centre, able to cover the needlefangs if needed (I think the map is wrong, I have some dim recollection of them chewing through an orc flagger that was gamely trying to delay them, which kept them from the left objective.

    Meanwhile the nightmares spotted an opening and squashed some orclings, grabbing a point for the centre in the process. The greatax in the centre were wavered, but I was still rather nervous due to headstrong. My memory of the details of exactly what went down in the centre are, sadly, hazy. At the end of this turn I was 1-2 down.


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    Orc turn 4

    The winged slasher, thinking of the left objective, decided to destroy the shadowhounds (that worked). Meanwhile the horde decided it had to try to move into the centre and piled into the defensive wall of scarecrows, while the greatax crucially failed a headstrong test while the other regiment once again tore into the bloodworms to only waver them. Meanwhile the krudger with wings of honeymaze tried to knock the nightmares out of the fight, and some shuffling in the centre netted another 2 objective points for the orcs.

    Nightstalkers turn 4

    So I roll headstrong for my bloodworms...3. At this point my opponent is super sportsmanlike and reminds me that my favourite dwarven ale is now even dwarfier, and with the help of bane chant I'm able to clear the centre of greatax. Meanwhile the minscreech knocks a chunk off the winged slasher and the banshee swoops in and uses the really strong winds to leave the orc general staring at a tower. With the Needlefangs now happily camping on the objective and the balance in the centre shifting in my favour I get 2 objective points to tail by a mere 3-4.

    Turn 5

    The Winged slasher flies over to conpete the left objective. There's still fighting in the centre, I'm pretty sure the krudger with wings hit the doppelgangers to keep them away from the horde this turn. That horde killed the scarecrows, maybe even the last turn only to be ensnared by the planar apparition and unable to reach the centre.

    In reply for the nightstalkers the mindscreech shuffled forwards just into range of the winged slasher and with another great shot finished a hugely impressive tally of kills. Meanwhile the centre was mopped up and realising that he couldn't prevent me pulling ahead in the last turn my opponent conceded - the horde was still there, but had taken some attrition and just couldn't get to the centre.

    So a win for the nightstalkers.

    Post game thoughts;

    I was lucky with the bloodworms in the centre, and should be more circumspect with my hordes, although once they did get a turn they once again really piled on the wounds with bane chant.

    Nimble is super good.

    Needlefangs swiped an objective yet again. At this rate they'll rival my EoD tomb swarms as most valuable unit ever.

    Planar apparition..meh? Did some good but all the heal in the world doesn't save a unit I've thrown in out of their depth. Height 4 makes it a useful platform for other spells though.

    Flying individuals, always where you need them .

    I'm quite happy with how the army's coordinating, I do still worry there's a lack of real punch in there.


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      Congrats on the win.
      I cannot see the pics in the previous post but I can see the others.
      Will there be a rematch?


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        Nice report. And interesting to see the NS do well, especially against an army where their inbuilt Stealth has no real impact.

        One point to note though is if you're playing with CoK18 (which I think you are given the Headstrong comment) is that the Ensorcelled Armour is capped at De5, so does nothing for your Shade I'm afraid.

        I wonder if the Planar Apparition will come into its own more in games with more shooting, where it's heal, combined with Stealth, will see your units get to melee in good condition.


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          Thanks for the comments all. We're regulars at the same club so a rematch at some point is almost inevitable. The Planar Apparition I think got a slightly raw deal from my recollections, It was actually contributing quite a bit to the scrap in the centre with weakness and heal, and I think its nimble speed allowed it to nip across and delay the horde too.


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            Very interesting report mate !

            I don't know Night Stalkers army very well and here, in France, many say that it's not a very effective army ? Is it right for you ?

            For the orc player, I think that he has not enough screening troops but that's only my way of playing them...


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              Originally posted by Vil le Môvé View Post
              Very interesting report mate !

              I don't know Night Stalkers army very well and here, in France, many say that it's not a very effective army ? Is it right for you ?

              For the orc player, I think that he has not enough screening troops but that's only my way of playing them...
              Well, I've seen orcs played a few ways. I never mind orc screening troops myself because they don't really hurt you and mean less pain. There's a lot of units in that army that can do a lot of damage.

              Nightstalkers are a lesser played army, so I think perhaps people just don't know as well how to make them effective as more familiar ones. A few people on this forum seem to think they can be quite mean. I don't think my army fits the mould people think is competitive, and I'm sure it isn't all that .

              At the moment they're the army I'm enjoying playing, which is right for me!