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Undead vs Ratkin (2.5K Dominate)

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  • Undead vs Ratkin (2.5K Dominate)

    First time we play with either army. I just lost three games in a row with Ratkin so I wanted to try out Undead

    2 x Zombies Legion- Undead Giant Rats
    3 x Wraiths Troop - War-bow of Kaba & Kevinar’s Flying Hammer
    2 x Werewolves Regiment - Helm of Confidence & - Healing Brew
    Wraiths Troop
    Mummies Regiment - Blade of Slashing
    Wights - Staying Stone
    Soul Reaver Cavalry Cavalry Regiment - Maccwar’s Potion of the Caterpillar & Touch of Darkness (Regeneration

    Liche King Hero - Heal & Myrddin’s Amulet of the Fire-heart
    Necromancer - Bane-chant & Inspiring Talisman
    Mhorgoth the Faceless

    Ratkin (Can't remember items)
    3 Shock Troop hordes
    2 Blight Hordes
    3 weapon teams
    3 warlocks
    Horde of Brutes
    2 x Scurriers
    2 x Sharpshooters

    The game was Dominate, so the middle of the board was our end goal

    The beginning
    I went for a denied flank. 2 legions in the middle, 1 troop of werewolves on the left and everything else on the right.
    The completely right flank had the soul reavers, unit of wraiths and werewolves working together.
    For reasons he would regret later, the Ratkin general only put one horde of Blight on the extreme right and put 2 hordes and 2 scurrier units on the left flank.

    The Middle
    Shredder and artillery were a joke. They did a grand total of three wounds in the entire game and against life-leeching, regenerating troops with 12 dice of healing, that's nothing.
    The werewolves on the left flank were able to tie up all his troops for three turns.
    The right flank saw the Soul reavers and werewolves break through the Blight, with all those juicy warlocks behind them. Nom, nom.
    The legions in the middle were getting shot and got healed.
    The weapon teams did some damage and certainly when all the lightning bolts and sharpshooters concentrated fire, my wraith unit disappeared and my wights were in trouble.
    The 2 other wraiths went over his lines and destroyed the Artillery and another unit. I had a rear charge ligned up on the Brutes. Ow yeah.

    Hey what?
    He shoots both my wraiths down, which means that it is suddenly a lot closer.
    His units on the left finally break through my werewolves so I have two hordes and a scurrier in front of my legion and mummies.
    He attacks Mhorgoth with his Vermintide, if they do a single point of damage, he can no longer cast.

    The End?
    Round 6 sees both my legions gone. Only the mummies stay on the left side. On the right, everything is coming up Millhouse. Mhorgoth didn't get any damage and fireballs the Vermintide. Before that he had fireballed a weapons team. And what did he do to the warlock? Oh yeah, FIREBALL. I like him.
    The Soul Reavers and werewolves break through a warlock and the Brutes behind him.
    Some close calls: the wights have a +1 nerve item and need it. Then they get destroyed. I don't have that many troops left but they are near the centre. We haven't calculated it yet but it looks like a draw or a narrow victory for undead.
    One more round or not?

    One more round!
    He needs to break through the mummies on the left. He has a horde with Elite, Vicious and Crushing Strength in the front and the scurries in the flank. Is it enough?
    No it is not, the mummies got lifeleech, regeneration and the lich king had got his heal on. The bandaged ones stepped back D3 inches and joined the units in the middle.
    The Soul reavers and mummies destroyed this last Horde.

    End result: 6 - 0 for the Undead.
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    So good to read a Victory!!

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      I really like Mhorgie, the combination of fly and very inspiring is fabulous. Heal AND fireball? Swell fella.

      I seem to like healing a lot. Basilea and Undead (go figure) are very good at it and I seem to need that.
      We'll see how the revenge match goes. I'm probably going to get rid of the necromancer and the zombie legions. The necro did not need to surge so was kind of pointless. The legion was good but his shock troops got 25 attacks on it with a 2 to damage and reroll the ones. They need armour!