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  • Hi Rakkoon ,

    If I understood correctly, the idea is that after the initial attack the battle lines are intermixed and units are relatively close to each other. This is a very good situation for units with Shambling special rule, in particular Giants and Dragon as they have relatively small base size while at the same time their normal Speed is high. In such circumstances it is quite hard for the opponent to prevent the move of these units to your flank/rear and then, when they are ideally 1" away, cast Surge to get them into melee. With high number of attacks with Crushing Strength that are further multiplied by flank/rear bonus, such actions can destroy enemy units very fast.
    Originally posted by Cornwall
    Swordsmaster could try taking less units


    • Sounds good. A shame I don't have shambling in any of the armies I'm playing at the moment but I'll try and remember this.