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  • Ally Chariots?

    I was trying to organize my collection for an upcoming move, and of course, got distracted with some old models. I want to put some old Chaos chariots to use! I have 4 horse-drawn ones, and 2 pulled by the chaosy gorilla.

    I could easily run these as Mounted Sons regiments... but I have three legit knight regiments hobbied up already. Does anyone run allied chariots in their lists for fun?

    I was thinking of tentatively running these as chariot regiments of two model each.
    -Ogre Chariots for the gorilla. Typical stats plus Brutal.
    -Orc Gore Chariots for the horses. Typical stats.

    Seemed like the best options for wysiwyg. Thoughts?

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    They might work as one of the monster options too. The devourer or jabberwock?


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      Thanks for offering up your idea Skeld. In a pinch, the Gorebeast could be a neat, battered monster. It fits nicely on a 50mm base, and I actually did one up as a mount already.

      I don't think the chariots as a whole would make good monster substitutes though. They are far too big base-wise, and there are tons of better monster options around.

      After some idle musing this weekend, while it may not be ideal from a list optimization perspective, I am pretty set wanting to run these models as some kind of actual chariot unit. I think my above idea of Ogre/Orc chariots, while far from ideal with inspiring and the like, are probably going to be the route I take. However, I have a lot of models to get through before I get to my little chariot project. If anyone has any other ideas on how to run them, speak up! Like I said above, I already have Mounted Sons (and Direfang Riders) all hobbied up already, so I likely won't go that route, but I can't be the only WHFB refugee with too many chariots sitting around!


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        From a list perspective it is hard to see allied chariots being worth it since the Varangur cavalry is already strong. I would look into doing the horse chariots as 2 regiments or a horde and the gorilla chariots as heros on chariot (since they have been buffed).

        If you just wanted to try them out then ogre chariot horde or 2 reg and a warlord or captain on chariot as allies would work. Twilight kin chariots if you want shooting support. Overall they are better with items and support.

        To use them effectively, integrating them into your next army project makes more sense.

        ​It seems nice to prepare the chariots and base but keep the riders flexible so you can easily swap what they are.