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CoK 19 requests

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  • CoK 19 requests


    What does an army request for CoK19 who already has everything?

    In my other armies, (KoM, League, Brotherhood, Abyssals) I can easily think of what to request for CoK19. With undead, not so much.
    The army is in a good shape and the field we lack power in (shooting, fast cavalry, monsters) isn't something we need to be strong in either.

    For modelling purposes, I'd like an abomination monster option, consisting of the sewn-together corpses of various monsters animated by necromantic magic.
    How to make this unique on the battlefield is something I don't know. We already have great anvils (zombies, skeletons, revenants, mummies) and good hammers (wights, barrow wights, soul reavers) so we don;t have a hole to fill there.

    If I were to stat such a monster; I'd give it a variable amount of attacks (compared to a giant), shambling and TC (a lot) offset by a low movement of 4".
    Maybe give it a couple of options compared to the beast of nature option in the forces of nature list.

    Also I'd like to have my immortal-but-immovable pharaoh back. just make it a unique option with the old stats, so the Wings of Honeymaze can't find their way on it.

    Any other ideas?

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    A unique, named, non-flying Pharaoh sounds like fun.


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      Undead wolves. NO TC (too light) but maybe CS1 or better yet lots of attacks and no CS1. Low defense D3, high speed 9. The new unit created is not really what is needed. Something with say Sp9 and some bite to knock down fliers and does not require shambling.

      Bats or Bat swams: height 2 or 3, stealthy (hard to hit a swam), low defense of D2 or D3, lots of attacks that hit on 5's with no TC or CS, flying, nimble. Need not be move 10, but should be something able to screen other units, go after chaff, and shooting units and war machines but cheap enough in troops to be sacrificial.

      Both these units would not be shambling so as to avoid potential abuse with flying and mounted characters.

      Vampire on foot and mounted needs a stats boost after nerf of De6 to De5 to justify points cost, maybe some additional nerve to offset the loss in "resilience" associated with going from De 6 to De 5 at a minimum.

      Vampire on Peg even with extra attacks, extra CS, and surge (3) feels just a bit expensive relative to say an Elf Draokon Rider Lord for what he does and his nerve. He has more attacks, hits harder, and more nerve but I'm just not sure he can be afforded in most lists and within individual too easily killed at range for those points. More of a KoWv3 issue in terms of dramatically reducing the points cost and maybe cutting the stats to make him "fit" into lists. For now, I'd look at a modest upward tweak in nerve or something above the Lord on foot to make him worth playing.


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        Undead wolves? Its already there - Death Pack.
        To defend: this is the pact. But when life loses its meaning and is taken for naught,then the pact is to avenge!


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          Originally posted by Blood axe View Post
          Undead wolves? Its already there - Death Pack.
          They have three issues that are not what I discussed in terms of a unit conception:. 1. They are shambling which stretches the casters too thin. 2. They are only speed 6 which seriously limits their range to chaff and redirect, whereas dogs should be at least speed 8 or 9. 3. And they cannot fly like a true bat swarm.

          Frankly, (and I did not want to say this) the Deathpack is a "failed" attempt by the RC to address the issue such that I find you often need to go with Ghouls at speed six instead because the Death Pack cannot move at the double, cannot move fast enough to properly clear out of the way of other units when you need those other units to charge or surge into stuff, have to be surged forward at insufficient speed, and cannot keep up with units like werewolves, soul reaver cav, or even wraiths and revenant cav.
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            I doubt its going to be fixed. Many Undead get shambling.
            To defend: this is the pact. But when life loses its meaning and is taken for naught,then the pact is to avenge!


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              Well, I've talked about the Undead Monster option before- I'd love to be a bit more efficient with horde unlocks since the only thing other than characters is our single war engine, and I love the idea of a slow (even super slow, like Speed 2) surgable monster that is tough as nails and just sits on objectives. He doesn't have to be very good at anything except defense and nerve, and then he just sits there. You give him a cheap necro to walk him where he needs to be with surge, then he waits. I've loved this idea for a long time, and think it's interesting enough to be explored. The best part is that since it is uncharted speed territory, it gives a new dimension to the game. His threat range is minimal, his point cost might be pretty cheap compared to his D and Nerve (speed is constantly undervalued in points IMO, and I think a unit like this is probably pretty cheap, not much use out of his intended purpose, and requires a dedicated surger to get anywhere).


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                Good idea! Just because it's uncharted territory, maybe first a unique option?


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                  My first response to this would also be monsters - but pinkymadigan got there first. (My spellchecker tells me there's no such thing as a pinkymadigan, but I know that's not true.)


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                    Corpse cart mount for necromancer


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                      it makes such a nice unit filler for my legions of zombies. Anyhow, my corpse cart has been assimilated into my KoW multibases


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                        Originally posted by Vince1248 View Post
                        it makes such a nice unit filler for my legions of zombies. Anyhow, my corpse cart has been assimilated into my KoW multibases
                        Was thinking we could make it a character chariot with an aura ability called "bring out your dead" which removes shambling from zombies only. Making them sprinters. Tack that with bane chant from the necromancer and bam new dimension for undead players plus new unit.


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                          Hmm, a magix item that removes shambling, would that be game breaking?


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                            I wouldn't think so. Like I said it is for zombies only and you can kill the (relatively weak) character to remove the effect.


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                              Yeah, I like your idea.
                              I was thinking of a separate item that removes shambling from a unit for say 50 points.
                              The unit would have normal movement but no more surge tricks.