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2500 against Ratkin - Armour

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  • 2500 against Ratkin - Armour


    Had some succes against Ratkin in my last game. The legion of zombies crumbled under the onslaught of Shock Troops.
    Seems like my opponent had very little piercing or crushing strength in general. Let's try and capitalise on that.
    I read that healing spam does not work. I found that healing everything after an attack really demoralises your opponent.
    Also, Mhorgie might want to use some other spells so two Heal-Kings it is.

    What do you guys think?

    1x Revenants Horde - Undead Giant Rats
    1x Revenants Horde - Undead Giant Rats & Touch of Darkness (Regeneration (5+))
    3x Wraiths Troop
    2x Mummies Regiment
    2x Werewolves - Helm of Confidence
    Soul Reaver Cavalry Regiment - Blessing of the Gods

    Liche King - Heal
    Liche King- Heal & Boots of Levitation
    Mhorgoth the Faceless

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    I am neither a ratkin nor undead player, but I find that high Def armies can be frustrating to deal with, especially without the correct tools or spells and AP. I certainly would find your list hard to deal with. The high Def with heal and Lifeleech, you have good speed and damage output.

    I would hopefully have some flying stuff (normally play elves) and would focus on taking out support characters first. Not having any surge in your army helps me out considerably here.


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      Mhorgy has no problem with that (Fireball & Lightning) and the flying King can run away. The other King will die of course.
      And I still need to get the hang of this whole Surge thing. Read the tutorial on this site and will try to use it more. In my only game so far, charges seemed to work