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It is possible to be competitive without chariots?

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  • It is possible to be competitive without chariots?

    Just what the tittle says. I want to go to local tournaments but I don't have chariot models. What I want it is not to be the winner but at least to end in a good position If (and only if) I play better than my opponents. So, how do you build a chariotless list? Which are my go-tos?

    Well, for the moment KOW is the most balanced game I've seen, but we all know that if you put together random units without any kind of planification or strategy, it is not going to end well 90% of the time .

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    Yeah it is. Tk have good options. The core spears and archers are solid backilnes and with blade dancers, heavy cav of 2 varieties, the hitting power is immense. Gargoyles are amazing chaff.

    yeah you can do it.


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      Chariots are very good because they do two roles pretty well, it's what makes them so popular. Most of the other stuff in the army does one thing well, but you have to use them that way to get the most out of them. It's not the most forgiving list in the game but it can do quite well without chariots. I never used them until the recent CoK 2018 update.


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        TK were competitive before chariots got a buff, so, yes, a TK army can be competitive without chariots but chariots really add some combo-shooting and ranged charges that help the army, I had a winning record with TK before the chariots were buffed and improved and played them since KoWv2 for years now. In fact, initially TK were thought to be a bit OP when KoWv2 first came out. But without more than a provisional army list, without the benefit of some rules tweaks, and without the special characters that have come out, TK have kind of been a middling army in terms of ranking adjusted for player strength as of late as other armies have gotten better except for the chariots.

        I have rarely gone into a battle feeling like TK did not have a chance of winning because the army has a good combination of chaff and speed and magic and shooting and the Dragonlord is one of the better monster mounted lords in the game. You probably do need or benefit from allies to make the army a bit more competitive.