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  • Off against goblins

    First time with The Herd and my mate's first time with goblins. Looking at the units The Herd seems like a full msu army. Lots of high speed small units look like fun. Any special things I should surely take against gobbo's? We're playing CoK for 2.5K

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    Would this be an okay list against them?
    Lots of flying stuff to take care of the war machines.
    The stampede and Avatar for breaking stuff.
    The Spirit Walkers because I want to have that many attacks
    Three sources of inspiring.

    Horde of Spirit Walkers
    Horde of Spirit Walkers - Brew of Sharpness
    2 x Troop of Harpies
    2 x Regiment of Centaur Longmanes
    2 x Regiment of Giant Eagles
    2 x Stampede hordes

    2 x Shaman - Heal & Mounted
    Avatar of the Father [1]


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      I don't see the point of playing 2 stampede while you know you will play goblins. They mostly are def 3 or 4. 5 for trolls, giants and slasher.
      You will waste your point applying a strenght 4 armor debuff where 1 or 2 would have been enought.
      If I was running such a list, I'll probably look for replacing the 2 stampede by 2 horde of tribal warriors or tribal spear to get a better center, and would use the 120/110 remaining points to get fly on the father, maybe heal, and some artefacts.
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        Originally posted by AVL View Post
        I don't see the point of playing 2 stampede while you know you will play goblins. (....).
        I have literally no experience with herd (either fighting them or using them), but I've given them some serious thought when it came to my 3rd army. (it turned out to be abyssals, see abyssal thread on how it turned out). The main reason I considered them was 30 attacks/CS/TC and pathfinder-stampedes combined with harpies, the 2nd best chaff in the world. (second behind gargoyles)

        so I'd choose two of each. Of course, you'll need some unlocks for them, but that's where the spirit walkers (are they any good?) and chariots come in.

        That said, your army looks a bit on the smallish side for 2,5k. Dunno what the goblin guy will take, but expect to be swarmed!


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          I like the stampedes and hordes because of the high amount of attacks and nerve. Add some heal and they should hang in there.
          Changing some stuff to get more 16 now.

          Anything in particular that would help me against the green menace? More or less speedy units?