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Recommendations for a 1,000pt battle vs. Dwarfs

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  • Recommendations for a 1,000pt battle vs. Dwarfs

    I've never played ratkin, and never played against dwarfs - but have the opportunity to play in a few weeks... I understand Dwarfs have very high nerve, and rats have low. So any suggestions on how to take on a dwarf army at 1,000pts? What about 1,500pts? It's a friendly match, so while I do have a reasonable starter rat army, I plan on proxying for lots of stuff (eg, I don't have any rat cavalry, but lots of other things like Goblin cavalry that can sub in for me) so any and all suggestions are welcome!

    Would love your advice! What's a must-take unit? How do rats do at small point sizes?

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    I have lost every Ratkin game so far but I am a fan of the flying assassin (boots of levitation). He really works well.


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      The Ratkin list has a lot of options, you can go weapons team heavy for short range shooting, war machines, death engines, etc. Further, I have seen each of these styles win. While there are many different flavours of Ratkin, a general rule of thumb I would recommend is to have at least one horde per 500 points in your army. Hordes (with rally) are the strength of the Ratkin. With this in mind, at 1000 points I would recommend trying at least:

      1 x horde of blight w/ crushing strength 1
      1 x horde of shock troops
      1 x warlock with bane chant (possibly inspiring)
      Other items to taste (leaving 405 points to play with).
      These units will give you the punch needed to go through dwarf armour (especially with bane chant) and options abound for your particular style of play.

      Good luck!


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        Side note : if you buy a sorcerer only for bane chant, the blight lord should be prefered.

        +5 points
        +1 nerve
        +inspiring(blights only)
        +crushing strenght(2)

        It is so much harder to kill than the warlock, and able to deal with princes like unit who want to chase him down on it's own thanks to it's 4 cs2 attacks.
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