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Strategy Help needed regarding Goblins

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  • Strategy Help needed regarding Goblins

    My list is
    Krudger on gore with mace of crushing
    krusher on gore with blade of slashing
    Godspeaker Heal and bane chant
    Godspeaker Heal, Bane chant, inspiring talisman
    War Drum
    War Drum
    Troop of Skulks with fire oil
    2 axe hordes
    2 troll hordes
    1 chariot regiment
    2 gore regiments
    14 drops 1995 points

    How do I beat Goblins. The shooting kind, the balanced kind the, the mass of crap followed by 3 giants kind lol

    I have a tourney in a month and well i have one game under my belt with this list. I have never played Goblins with this list and only one time before. On paper they look like they have low nerve, dont hit very well, not much strength. Really just seems like there is a lot of them. So am I crazy to be optimistic about facing them next month even if the guy running them is one of the best players around? What kinds of things do you need to look out for and what are some of the issues orcs can have against them?


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    I only faced them with the Herd and had troubles with the shooting. Lots of lightning bolts, rock lobbers, it hurt like the Abyss. Trolls are strong and the mawbeasts are fast. Having a counter for all the shooting seems important and taking out one flank in the beginning.


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      Their main strength is numbers. As long as you are careful about positioning, and donít let yourself be baited into bad charges you should be ok. If you start trading units on a one-to-one basis things will go sideways in a hurry.

      Between the healing in the list and the war drums you should be able to weather the worst of his shooting. Otherwise, goblin shooting is countered just like everyone elseís. Use terrain to your advantage, put the disposable heroes into units to shut them down.

      Something to keep in mind, his cavalry and chariots are faster than yours. In a face off expect to be countercharging.

      The E-Adventures YouTube channel has recording of live streams of games from the masters. A couple of those players were running Goblins. Might get some ideas by skimming those videos.


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        Thanks guys. Guess the main thing will be the scenario and deploying fighting the battle to win whatever that is and not go fighting battles where one isnt needed.