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  • Fight Wagons information please

    Having fight wagons catch my eye after reading Nick Williams Mantic post about building his Orc army I have spare chariots lying around and am tempted to make a horde of fight wagons for my Orc army as an option. I do not have the models to make an entirely Mounted army but am wondering what would a horde of fight wagons replace in more standard Orc list? What items would you give it and is one effective enough or should you build the list with 2. When building your Orc list and planning to use Fight Wagons do you design your entire list around the fight wagons or is there a way that they can fit in by replacing a gore regiment or one of your axe hordes? They seem better suited at first glance to taking out big infantry units than at trying to maneuver and counter enemy fliers or mounted is this correct?

    My General list for reference is

    2 axe hordes
    Troll Horde
    Skulk Troop
    3 Gore regiments
    God Speakers
    War Drums
    Krudger on Slasher

    The above is the General base of what my list will have. Will Drop stuff on occasion to fit in Great Axes as well but it is generally what I have.

    Ok one last question as it just came to mind regarding Great Axes. Do you prefer hordes or have you gotten away with using just a regiment before? I am assuming any Orc list with foot and Godspeakers should have at least 3 hordes to take advantage of the plus one die to spell the Orcs get but maybe that is just in my head and taking 2 hordes can get the job done as well if played properly?

    Thank You