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Orcs are coming! 1995 Dragonfall list

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  • Orcs are coming! 1995 Dragonfall list

    2 axe hordes
    1 Great Axe Horde
    1 Troll Horde
    1 Chariot Regiment
    1 krudger on gore with blade of beast
    2 Gore regiments one with caterpillar
    1 flagger
    1 godspeaker with crown and one with amulet of fire with heal, veil of shadows and bane chant
    War Drum

    Infantry backed by foot characters giving plus to spells and good healing

    Mounted run together

    Basically charge and then hit and then fight and kill and hopefully kill enough to turn flanks and keep my guys alive long enough with the 13 heals and veil to see me bring this green tide to glorious victory!

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    Looks great. Its a lot of space. 3 orc hordes is massive.


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      I put KOM on hold got bored painting all the brown on hundreds of guys lol. I like Green better lol. Yeah 4 hordes with 2 godspeakers a flagger and a war drum is the cube 2 lines of 2 with individuals in the middle is the borg cube of death. The individual will do what individuals do. The flank force with the chariots 2 gore regiments and the krudger on Gore should be able to contend a flank long enough to see my battle group get into contact.

      I played my elves against a list similar to this except it had 3 god speakers shooting drain life out of it and it was damn near invincible to any kind of shooting or attack I could send at it. Took me like 4 turns to clear the flank stuff then it was too late and I couldnt bust the infantry up. I have always thought of that game and the player is arguably the best in my region and he hasnt run them this year but after seeing how deadly orcs can be in a non complicated shove them in your face way I fell in love with them. Imagine that in the scenario where you control the center jeez!


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        Originally posted by Bradsterius View Post
        I put KOM on hold got bored painting all the brown on hundreds of guys lol. I like Green better lol. (....)
        True. That's why I paint a regiment or horde at a time. Paint up the models; model the multibase; finish, then to another project.


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          I have played a couple of different lists so far in my practice for dragonfall. The overall strategy has stayed the same. Basically win the game with the Axe hordes. I use the support stuff like gore riders to either open a hole in the enemy center or to contest a flank protecting the wing of the Axe as they head to target. Couple of things I have noticed are continuously happening.

          1. Gore riders do not survive the game. They seem to be best if I can keep them out of combat for a turn or 2 then unleash them to do what they do for a couple turns giving my Axe/Trolls 4 turns to get to objectives, loot, and get situated to hold on for the win the last couple of turns.

          2. Trolls look tough on paper but you dont get to regen if they get shot off the board by say a 100 plus shot abyssal list hitting you with piercing all the time. They also seem to be prime targets constantly to the point where I consider them throw away and use them to draw fire allowing my Axe to get charges.

          3. Veil of shadows makes a huge difference.

          4. Skulks have not been very effective for my playstyel to the point I havent used them for a couple of games. I dont miss them. I think if I am going to use chaff then a couple orcling regiments or a horde will do the job just as well if not better. The 8 shots I may or may not get isnt worth the 75 points I pay for them.

          5. The chariot regiment is amazing for some odd reason. He is usually on my delay not do much flank and seems to be able to handle everything that has come his way and protected the Axe flanks admirably.

          6. Keeping the Gore rider regiments together and getting a multi charge really seems like the best policy. They have been outnumbered and charged in balls to the wall and killed stuff, lived killed more stuff keeping the flank contested long enough every game so far.

          7. Keep the Orc infantry moving. No point in sitting still with these guys. Just keep going forward and rely on supports to help them out. Each game so far I have been in a position to win and its come down to almsot the last dice roll which is crazy but true.

          8. Veil of shadows again is a must, and 2 godspeakers are needed to keep the guys healed, however not sure 2 wardrums are.

          9. The winged slasher is great but doesnt fit with the rest of my army build or my strategy. The games I have used him there has really been no difference on the flank with gores whether he is there or not. The flank is held long enough so not sure I need him.

          10. I have run between 2 and 3 individual heros a couple of times and these guys are pure money. I never realized how important individuals were until I played the Orcs. They are little disorder causers, they help with multi charges, they keep efreet on their toes, they keep fliers honest they are amazing.

          11. Having a ton of supports is fine, but you win the game by how many actual combat units you have for the fight to win in the end. So I maybe cutting back on supports and adding to the fighting.

          My latest list looks like this.

          2 axe hordes
          2 troll hordes
          2 gore regiments
          1 gore chariots
          2 godspeakers with bane chant, heal and veil. One with inspire, the other with shroud of the saint
          1 war drum
          1 Giant
          1 krudger on Gore

          My new plan that I will try out tonight against the Abyssal Dwarfs will be the Giant and Axe in center, gore regiments on a flank, chariot on a flank, krudger where needed and trolls where needed be it flank or center. Probably one in center and one on the flank to help contest until the center gets engaged. In order to keep the enemy from pressing my flank to much I plan to run the giant and axe up the middle very quickly. Hoping to keep the gore riders alive until turn 4 at least and prepared to sacrafice everything in order to win the game at the end. I like how the winged slasher hits but I think the Giant can do just as well for me. I really have done a great job so far of keeping fliers from messing with me by just being aggressive with my gores and chariots and mounted krudger. I am a little off put because this will be the first game I dont use the mounted krusher. I cant explain it but the mounted Krusher is just a great utility for any Orc army. Since I am not facing shooting tonight I should drop veil of shadows and bane chant and pick one up. However the problem is that when I goto tourney I will need to have a list ready for anything.

          The original list worked great though too, the other list I tried was one with the winged slasher. So far all of the lists I have taken have remained true at the core just have changed out support stuff. I am wanting to see if this Giant is the missing piece I need or not. I ran gores in my center and it worked well but I had so much poised to hit the enemy center I got myself into a 2 turn traffic jam that really screwed my plans and saw me fighting for objectives the last turn of the game instead of with a couple turns to go.

          Sorry for the long message just airing out my thoughts to myself. Will keep updating on this thread as my list changes if it does and how the practice battles go.


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            No chaff at all? No Skulks or Orclings .Let us know how it goes. Have any pics?
            To defend: this is the pact. But when life loses its meaning and is taken for naught,then the pact is to avenge!


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              Ok I sent in my final list.

              2 axe hordes
              2 troll hordes
              mounted krusher with blade of slashing
              mounted krudger on gore
              troop of skulks
              chariot regiment
              2 gore regiments
              God speaker heal, veil of shadows, inspiring talisman
              God speaker heal, shroud of the saint
              war drum
              war drum
              I have posted pics on Greenskins facebook page. I am not the best painter but it looks like an Orc Horde as I went full model count except for trolls that wouldnt all fit. I individual based on trays so I could make regiments or play vanguard in the future.


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                Well so just sat down after hearing it from the wife about being gone for 3 days. However I ended up 2 wins and 3 losses.

                First game was vs Goblins. Was a pretty fun game. My opponent really knows his stuff. It was the one where you have 3 tokens on the center line that spit out loot tokens. I lost a gore regiment to shooting on the first turn that really hurt. His list had around 20 drops with a couple kings on chariots I think a couple chariot hordes, a bunch of rabble, a couple of giants and a couple mincers and a thing that blows up. I lost my right flank but was holding in the center and left. The game was lost but it was fun at this point just rolling dice. The funny thing that happened was there was a fairly narrow gap on the left flank that he was pushing 2 mincers, 2 giants and a blow up thing thru. I blocked him with an axe horde and a wardrum behind it and my od speaker with shroud behind it. The game was actually closer than I initially thought as I was fighting really well in the center and there was a slim chance I could win. However the blow up thing hit me and rocked my axe. I couldnt heal enough and so then the 2 giants and mincers hit my poor axe horde and it went poof hah. Fun game though lost it.

                Second game was my first game against Trident realms ever. I was pretty happy looking at his list. If I only knew. He had 2 knuckers, the special wyrm rider chick. wrym rider horde. Kraken, ensnare horde, the thuul formation and something else. I had gores on the flanks axes in center with trolls behind. He went first so to stop the knuckers from charging my gores I moved my individuals on gores up to block them and brought the gores up into charge range. Well this is where I was introduced to the nimble charge for the first time. The damn knuckers went around my individuals and charged my gores. Well I also had my trolls set up wrong behind my axe so I couldnt combo charge. Didnt see that until it I tried to multi charge. Well so anyway I couldnt overcome the regen with enough wounds to do anything to him. I had knuckers and wrym riders all over my flanks and rear. I managed to kill one knucker and lost the game badly. It was even dominate that I thoought I had an advantage in. In hindsight I can fight this list mine suffered from user error. Nimble charges and keeping trolls right was what I needed to do. Loss again

                Third game. Take and hold vs Night stalkers. This kid had 2 legions of blood worms, 2 legions of scarecrows, heal 7 guys, 2 lightning bolt banshees and 2 regimens of dopple gangers. Well we placed tokens he got to choose sides and he got to go first. I had to fight him while he was hunkered down on objectives in terrain. I couldnt crack him hitting on 5s. I never managed to overcome his healing. I just grinded in there trying flanks, etc. He brought up his dopplegangers and kicked my guts in. So end of first day I lost 3 and was not feeling very well. I did what orcs do got drunk, got ****ed off, and then went to dinner with my buddies and chilled out and felt better.


                Game 4 vs Undead with lykanis, 2 hordes of werewolves, mummies, legion of zombies, flying wyrm, couple regiments of revenants and lots of character surge guys. Well this time I said screw my deployment I had been running. I put a chariot regiment, a regiment of gores, a horde of trolls and krusher and krudger and skulks facing were wolves. I had my axe in center. ON right i had trolls and gore riders. I managed to ram my skulks right into the face of the were wolves, and then fed individulas at them to keep them from getting to my center. The scenario was elimniate. I kept his werewolves out of the game really the whole time thru a lot of sacrafice. I managed to even kill lykanis and a werewolf horde while at it. On the right I used my horde of trolls and gores to hem in the wyrm and took a charge lived so countered and killed the wyrm then turned towards his flanks. My axe were slugging but managed to with the help of my trolls and gore regiment win the day. The key was managing to keep the werewolves out of the game by sacrafice. Win

                Game 5 vs Undead with 2 revanant hordes, soul reaver infantry formation. 3 troops and 2 regiments of mummies, characters, and I dunno lot hard hitting stuff. We were playing ransack. It was a crazy blood bath. I again used my mounted and individuals really well to pin half his army and managed to win on my right flank. we both killed annhilated each other in the center and on the left we had fought to a stand still. I thought we had tied, but we forgot about the token my wardrum was sitting on back in my deployment that I hadnt moved all game so I won. He killed 950 points of stuff, I killed 955 points of stuff. It was a bloody melee that was really fun. Win 2

                So what I took from this weekend is axe hordes will grind but they are not going to pick up units in one or two turns usually. I feel like they make a great anvil but i was trying to use them as hammers. So I am going to go with something different to try next.

                Axe horde brew of sharpness
                war drum
                God speaker heal, shroud of saint
                Gak on gore
                Krudger on winged slasher
                troll horde
                gore regiment
                horde of chariots caterpillar
                horde fight wagons brew of strength
                skulk troop

                This is my new army idea. Orcs will get shot off the table, they will be pinned they will be multi charged. So I am thinking use axe backed by wardrum and god speaker and trolls as anvil to put where I want to hold a position. The other stuff can kill stuff. So put down anvil then set up rest to kill the enemy. I was fighting my butt off just trying to stay in most games. The 2 I won were crazy affairs that came down to the wire both times Hindsight is 20/20 but I feel like I can accomplish the same job with half the axe hordes and troll hordes and just have a lot more hitting power. Not saying it will be a tourney killer amazing awesome game winning army but will I feel like give me a better chance against all comers.

                Well Wife is on me so I am off to bed. Have a good evening. I quit all of the facebook groups. So I figured I would post this here.



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                  Fun games. When will you try out the new list?


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                    I am not sure. Next week at our Game night we are playing 2300 points to help people get ready for another event. So I will probably not get a chance to try it out for a couple of weeks. I am going to cut down to 1 axe horde though just to see what it runs like.


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                      Haven't played Orcs yet but my friend has two hundred greenskin lying around so it's just a matter of time. Will come back to this thread when it's time


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                        They are fun


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                          I would love Mantic to create a character called "The Special Worm Rider Chick".


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                            Well this chick was nimble, had martyrs prayer and was pretty nasty.

                            So been doing some thinking. The new list is missing one thing. Staying Power. It hits like a truck but those hordes are so big and with little reserve it seems they destroy what they hit but are very vulnerable to counter attack. So I am in process of rethinking yet again. I may in fact go back to a couple axe hordes but give them caterpillar and sharpness. One horde of trolls as reserve. Fit the winged slasher in somehow and see how that works. I will not get a chance this coming week as Monday I will be running 2300 points. I probably will run a couple of tests to see. The damage output of the Axe isnt great for its foot print. I wish we had a horde of more axe oh my goodness would that be nasty. Probably be 400 points though lol