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I am new to KoW and want advice.

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  • I am new to KoW and want advice.

    Hello everyone, I am a new player to tabletop and was wondering what orc army composition.

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    What do you guys think of this army composition.
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      Wow, that's a lot of trolls. Welcome to this wonderful game. You seem to have no inspiring? That reroll really helps when you get some damage. Get you some of that goodness.
      The rest I will leave to more experienced ork players


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        Welcome to Kings of War! Always good to see new players come around.

        Anyhows, on your army composition:

        Trolls aren't the best at taking damage and sticking around. They are large infantry and therefore don't have the best nerve in the game. They are a hybrid unit that can take a bit of damage and do quite a bit as well due to 18 attacks at CS(2). I'd drop a few trolls for one or two dedicated units that can soak up the charges from heavy hitters. Orcs have access to hordes of ax with def 5 and 20/22 nerve; which are superb at this role.

        Your army would also benefit from some faster elements. Maybe drop a regiment of moreax (great units, but I wouldn't take 3) for a regiment of gore riders or maybe take a krudger on a (mounted) slasher?

        as Rakkoon said, you really want some inspiration. I'd take at least 3 inspiration sources @ 2k points. One is easy, add the inspiring talisman to your godspeaker for 20 points. For the others; I;d take flaggers.

        Good luck!


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          How about this one?
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            I think this one should be great.
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              I'll tell you the same thing I told Bradsterius , who will probably agree now that he's gotten really stuck into the game.

              Build 1 list, play it, over and over, then think about your weaknesses, and tweak in small increments. The list is never going to win for you.


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                Looks good, try it out and let us know how it worked for you


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                  The last list you posted is pretty good. The others absolutely need inspiring sources, and if you are running multiple godspeakers you want at least 3 hordes to buff their casting.


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                    One of my clubmates has had good success running this list, which is fairly close to the ones you posted:

                    x2 Ax hordes (Brew of Strength and Banner of the Griffin)
                    x1 Trolls horde (Brew of Courage)
                    x1 Gore Riders regiment (Dwarven Ale)
                    x1 Gore Chariots horde (Potion of the Caterpillar)
                    x1 Godspeaker w/ Bane-Chant, Heal (2) (Inspiring Talisman)
                    x1 Gakamak on Mount
                    x2 Giants
                    x2 War Drums

                    Basic idea is the use the three hordes (2 Ax 1 Troll) to buff up the godspeaker's spells (2 Ax hordes together with Trolls as second wave behind them, all w/in 6 inches of the Godspeaker), the war drums to buff up the hordes, Gakamak to hunt flyers/other individuals, a fast wing of Gore Riders and Gore Chariots, and giants to run interference to prevent multicharges on the big hordes and other chaff duties. It's not the easiest list to play but you can see the synergies between the units.


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                      I will second the Bag. I switch some units out for variation sometimes but I basically run the same 15 drop Elf list over and over again. I lost my first 4 tournaments coming in last place at each of them. Then i got a 2nd to last. Then I managed to get last place again....however at the last tournament a 4 round one at Gencon I did manage to get 6th place with 2 wins and a draw and a loss out of 12 and I have started to win during my friendly games. The list really doesnt matter other than you should have inspring and take a hero. inspire to save you when you route and a hero to use to disorder fliers or block people or to disorder big shooter units to allow you to get a charge off. So supports matter more than lists. What you like to use regardless of what anybody else says makes the game more fun and you can literally win with everything because movement and playing towards the scenario is much more important than a list. Just go out there and have fun and you will pick up little by little. Or you may just be great from the start and it could all just come second nature to you.


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                        For my orcs and what Ive seen played really well is you take 2 axe hordes, either 2 torll hordes or a troll horde and great axe horde you put a couple god speakers in there with shroud and crown and a wardrum and flagger. That is your big hard to kill blob of death. Then you take a krudger on gore couple gore regiments and whatever else you want and this is your cover the blob of deaths flank force. If you have points stick a giant with blob of death. if your playing that scenario where you have to control a foot around the center this list is hard as nails to beat. Heck its hard as nails to beat period really.