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  • Green is good.

    A group of folks at my local gaming store recently started playing KoW and got me hip to it. So after digging out my orcs and seeing what sad shape they were/are I decided it was time for a rebuild. This is going to be my little nitch for all my orc projects; modeling and painting log, battle reports, maybe even some theory crafting.

    Starting first is....

    Who is Klank'n'Stein?!!?!

    Name: Klank'n'Stein (horrible name I know)
    Profession: Psychotic warlord (counts as Orc Kudger)

    Possessing abnormal creative tendencies, Klank'n;Stein, has devoted himself to the theft of various sorcery-sciences from various races in an effort to construct ever increaseingly destructive weapons of war. His twisted Orc soul, bearing nothing in the ways of compassion, readily experiments on living test subjects, even subjecting his own body to further his Ambitions. Armed with an ionization staff that has been augmented with stolen magical artifacts and his deadly steam powered arm; Klank'n'Stein is a true terror unleashed upon the world.

    M : 5 ME : 3+ RA: - DE : 5+ A : 5 N : 12/14

    -Lighting bolt (4)

    Upgrades & Magic items
    - Goblin Zappy Sneak : Lightning Bolt (2)
    - Scarletmaw’s Fenulian Amulet

    Attached is a WIP photo of Klank'n'Stein as well as a WIP of minions armed with mechanical arms w/ built in flame thrower. Klank'n'Stein and his minions will be modeled to have a steampunk feel to them, crude mechanic replacement limbs and strange weapons of war to help reflect stat lines and any upgrades given to them. In the future as my Orcs are repaired and I'm able to play larger armies, I intend to field Klank'n'Stein and his minions as allied Ratkins. This will open up various options not available to the standard Orc army and all for more interesting conversions.

    Peer review, as always, is welcome.

    See photo's here

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    So here I went and started talking about my army without really showing what shape it was in...

    As you'll notice the entire army is in a state of disrepair, with some models stripped down, some almost ready for use, etc etc....

    current totals

    (2) Kudgers on foot
    (2) shamans on foot
    (12) Great-Ax
    (30) Mor-Ax
    (10) Ax - in yellow and mostly ready
    (28) Skulks
    (60) deconstructed orcs
    (1) wyvern
    (5) Minions of Klank'n'stein
    (2) chariots - not shown
    (2) giants - not shown
    (?) a handful of assorted orcs and misc bits still in boxes

    I do want to mention quickly talk about Models and Basing, I'll come back to this topic in more detail later, but as you notice I'm using GW orcs. GW orcs are many things, easy to rank up is not one of them. Quite honestly the models are so bulky they should be on a 30x30mm base, because of this I plan on only using 5-7 per 10models in a unit. So troops will be 5-7 models, regiments 10-14, and hordes will come in around 20-28 models. This should give me 5 Mor-ax troops, 4-5 Skulk troops, 1 Great-Ax regiment, and about 4-6 Ax regiments when everything is finished and put together.


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      Will be interesting to follow. I'm in a similar state though I did manage to put together a nice looking 8th ed O&G army. So now I'm in retooling mode for that (for 9th age) and starting Orcs in KoW. I'll be moving mostly to mantic minis for that but there will be a transition


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        So first off let me apologize for my tardiness in posting, the dwarf's throwing mastiff at my homework.

        In my last post I briefly mentioned the troubles with basing the GW Orc range of models and a proposed change in the number of models per unit base that should fix the problem. I'm happy to report I've managed to work up a few unit bases, and I'm here to show them off. They're made from a thin sheet of Styrene (Plasti-card for some of you) layered with double thickness chipboard which I've laser cut (thanks Temple U. you're not completely worthless) 25mm holes out of. this allows me to either use plastic 25mm bases to slot in or I can simply use the plugs which were cut out as bases; depending on the effect I want.

        The following link will allow you to see the blanks, troops based on the slugs, and troops mounted on 25mm bases.

        But wait there's more!

        I've been a busy little bee while I haven't been posting. In addition to the wonderfulness of my bases you get a update on that dastardly villain Klank'n'Stien (who still hasn't been used in a game yet). So he sort of took a bad tumble while I was showing him off, and I kind of broke his base.
        Lesson: Rigid insulation foam is not that sturdy with only 2 layers of paint on it.

        So I had to re-base him, luckily I had recently bought some thin cork board from a local hobby store and used that to recreate his base. You'll also notice the addition of a backpack made of a series of Leyden jars (yes that's what those are supposed to be).
        Lesson: Leyden jars are an early form of capacitor which stored static electricity. They are named after the dutch city of Leiden.



        Now where would Klank'n'Stein be without his minions?
        Now you'll notice I've certainly added to them, you'll notice one even has his brain in jar (yeah yeah it just looks like a funny hat). I'm sad to report that the original idea to field them armed with the diadem of dragon-kind will not be happening. It's just to expensive of a combo, so they're flame thrower arms will not be finished and instead converted into crushy fist arms like Klank'n'Stein is sporting.


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          Sorry to keep you my adoring fans (like I have any) waiting for so long.

          First let me say I changed the organization of my photobucket albums, below are the updated links.
          Secondly, while life may have been giving me a good kicking (especially while I was down) it didn't stop me from painting. So while I managed to put paint down on 70+ models I'm proud to say, I've finished less than 20 of them. I'm a horrible painter, I paint everything a little at a time and it takes me to finish anything. But I have managed to get several pieces table ready.

          Two War Drums -

          A Wizard equipp

          Front -

          Back -

          and of course the Boss...

          Name: Gorfang
          Favorite Food: Pickled Halflings (For better results pickle them while they're still squirming.)

          Like all great Orc warlords who rise to infamy, Gorfang did so through blood and violence. But while violence and destruction is always good for a laugh, unlike so many infamous orcs, Gorfang, has a terrible greed set upon him. Raiding not just for the laughs, but to satisfy his need for the possession of others. To crush them, to take their things, and then to kick the family dog... these things drive this horrible monster.

          Gorfang and entourage -


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            Welcome to the lot! It's always nice to get another orcish general to bolster our ranks, there's not all that many of us.

            I suggest that you start getting games under your belt as soon as you can, as there's no other way to find out what type of an army suits your play style.




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              Managed to squeeze in two games today, a little fore warning: I win ugly. I have a fairly standard core army, with a few experimental units being swapped out to see how they play. I do run a fairly high amount of characters and upgrades. A full fourteen percent of my army is upgrades and magic items. Part of this is by design and part of it is because I canít squeeze in any more units so I buy upgrades, as this army comes out to be 1565mm or about 62inchs wide, which is nearly the full width of the playing table.

              The list I took with me today was as follow,

              2000pt Orc army
              • Gorfang (orc kudger)
                • Stabby Sneak, Zappy Sneak, blessing of the gods
              • Godspeaker
                • Boomstick, healing spell
              • Godspeaker
                • Inspiring talisman, bane chant
              • Godspeaker
                • Wings of the honeymaze
              • Ax regiment
                • Diadem of dragonkind
              • Ax regiment
                • Pipes of doom
              • Ax horde
                • Helm of confident
              • Morax regiment
                • Brew of haste
              • Great Ax regiment
              • (2) Skulk troops
              • Skulk troop
                • Scrying gem
              • (2) Orcling horde
              • (2) War drums

              Game 1
              Opponent: Ogres
              Mission: Loot
              Outcome : Victory, 1-0 loot counters. My opponent gave me a real tough go in this game, ogres are surprisingly difficult to break. The game would have been a draw but my opponent forgot about the loot counters and was playing for victory points. I lost all three of my skulk units, two Ax regiments, both Orcling hordes, one Godspeaker, one War drum, and Morax regiment.

              Game 2
              Opponent: Dwarves
              Mission: Invade
              Outcome: Draw, 420pts Orcs Ė 250pts Dwarves. While technically this game ended in a draw, I totally won the moral victory, as when the dust settled on turn 7 my opponent had two units left on the board. A Steel behemoth and a much wounded(15) horde of Ironwatch rifles. The match was costly however, losing two troops of skulks, both Orcling hordes, one Ax regiment, Great Ax regiment, and tMorax regiment.

              So what I took away from these two games, are firstly my boss is a killing machine. Against the ogres he tallied an impressive kill number, helping to see off a regiment of ogre chariots, a mammoth, and an Ogre captain on chariot all in melee. In addition he added to the weight of fire that saw the end of some ogre boomers. Iíve run him virtually the same in every game Iíve played so far, but these two games were the first where I really got his hands dirty laying into enemy regiments and he did not disappoint. Against the dwarves his accomplishments were a bit more restrained doing very little but skewering a certain dwarf lordís piggy, I blame this on bad maneuvering on my part.

              Next is that while war drums are not needed to win games, they sure do help. Iíve used one before in a game against Abyssals, and it certainly helped keep a flank from falling apart too quickly. But by taking two, I was able to spread the love out across several units and allow my entire army to soak far more damage than it normally would be able to take. Both of my war drums have certainly earned a permanent place in my infantry list.

              Lastly are my two big experimental units, a Great Ax regiment and a Godspeaker w/ wings of honeymaze. The games today were my 3rd and 4th games respectively with these units. As Iíve gained a little more experience with moving the Godspeaker, he has begun to really shine. With spd(10) and fly offsetting the short range of fireball, this makes for a hard hitting if expensive unit. The Great Ax regiment on the other hand is really struggling to prove they have a spot in my army list. In an army where everyone has crushing strength(1), crushing strength(2) really doesnít shine that brightly.


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                Squeezed in another game today against my most bitter rivals the dwarves.

                Mission: Kill
                Outcome: Victory! Like all my wins, this one was a bloody handed one. When the dust settled and the bleeding was done, only my Kudger, three Godspeaks, and Greataxers walked away from the field. However that was after butchering their way through a horde of Bulwarkers, a horde of Riflers, a horde of Shield-breakers, (2) regiments of Ironguard, a regiment of Brock riders, a Battle driller, a Steel behemoth, and Sveri Egilax. Only a lone dwarf king was left alive to bury over 1800pts of the slain.

                This game was 7 turns of mass carnage, despite running two battle lines deep, I got myself into trouble early on as my larger units began bunching up and leaving gaps in my formation as my units aligned to dwarf units allowing several small units to slip in and gain flank charges on me. Luckily orcs thrive in disorganized chaotic battles, and the fact that while my opponent is good at making the most of his inspiring units he still skimps on them leaving most of his battle line to their own devices.


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                  Is Klank'n'Stein related to the famous BloodBowl player?

                  Note that you can create image tags in photobucket so that your pictures show up directly in the thread. Few people have the patience to click all those individual links. Just klick "IMG" under the "Share this photo" or "Generate tags" or whatever it's named, and the links will automatically be copied and you can paste them here.

                  Like this:
                  So long and thanks for all the Brains - My undead painting log on the Mantic forum

                  Zywus' log of random KoW stuff


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                    Nice to see you get in s few games with your orcs! I have an orc army still sitting in the box.
                    To defend: this is the pact. But when life loses its meaning and is taken for naught,then the pact is to avenge!


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                      So its a little delayed, but time for another battle report.

                      Game 1
                      Opponent: Force of Nature
                      Mission: Dominate
                      Outcome : Ugly. This was one of those games that I look at my army list and feel like a huge tool. So a friend of mine wanted to try out the Forces of Nature army he's been working on as a side project. Well it was a small game, and lumpy and stumpy were getting dusty so I decided to break out the monster squad. Kudger on winged slasher, a pair of giants, a horde of trolls, and then some orc axer units to generate some slots. Now the army was completely legal, but this was one of those times that saying it just makes you an even bigger tool.

                      The game went like this; winged slasher eats a unit, winged slasher eats another unit, giant eats a unit, winged slasher butt-rapes a hydra for 16points of damage(I forgot that rear attacks are triple not double your attacks), giant eats a unit, giant and winged slasher eat last unit. Somewhere in there my actual orcs helped out and killed a unit. At the end of turn 5, my opponent had 2 druids left and I had only lost my trolls. And almost everything I had left was completely within 12" of the center of the board.


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                        ... and that's why I usually advise against using big flying units (dragon lords, winged slasher, horde of Elohi or drakon ...) in any game involving a new player, as when you are still learning the basics of the game you might not realise yet how you need to react to those very mobile *and* powerful threaths, ending with situation like what your friend got.

                        If you didn't made hm flee from KoW, try to propose him a more basic game with lots of infantry and normal cavalry so he can learn first the basics.
                        A light flier like gargoyles or maybe a hero with the wings (provided that it's not an extreme one with def6+ or regenerate) can be acceptable as a way to learn fighting fliers without having them decide the whole game.

                        Once your friend is better aware of this with a few game experience, bring back the winged slasher.


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                          My opponent wasn't new to the game, just trying out a side army. But I did offer him an old gentleman's agreement I had with some of my old WHFB friends back home, no flying monsters without letting the opponent know first.


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                            Fair enough then..


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                              So I'm not dead yet, despite giving it a real good try, and I'm back with a little thread necromancy....

                              Those familiar with this thread will remember Klank'n'stein and his steampunk inspired half-clank minions. Those early minions I made with arms cobbled together from various styrene shapes. Since then I've put my design abilities to work and created 3d printed arms based off the original design. Have a look and feel free to comment, and if interested in owning your own set they are available for sale,