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  • Trident MSU principles

    More players try to play MSU style. I was thinking that it would be good to start a separate topic about this list Type.

    I would like to start with asking more experienced players about MSU list building principles. What rules You guys follow building a MSU list?

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    With the Placos being back to being turd tier, you have to accept that the middle of the table will never be yours, unless you are just dominating the game.

    Secondly, you have to be prepared to lose any unit at any time without remorse or regret.

    If you can accept those two things, Trident is probably the king of MSU armies (RG Troops, Knuckers, Coral Giants, cheap unlocks with solid Depth Horror Hordes), second maybe only to Night Stalkers. But you need to get really good at setting up traps and moving around the board.


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      So... How many drops in a 2300 and 2000 lists? I know no Way for an exact number but for example a regular list is 11-13 drops. My 2300MSU has 16.

      Another thing I would like to ask are specific heros like Siren. I understand that a very disposible army does not need a full inspiring coverage. I also think that nerve buff is Way more impotant. For example a swarm horde should take roughly 7 wounds from a cav regiment. +1/+2 nerve should increase its survability by a ton. So envoys or thuul Mithican with giffin banner and aura of Heroism sounds like easiest choice. I Wonder how Siren's Call is interesting with So many nimble units and possible flank charges at a disposal?

      WHAT about CS departament? One or two BC and CS from DH/knuckers/krakens seems enough for me. What is Your experience?


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        I think my last MSU Trident army had 14-16 drops? That was around 2250 I think? I would have to dig up the list, but it had 2 Depth Horror Hordes and 2 Coral Giants for my harder units, I had 8 RG troops and a RG captain zipping about, along with a winged Centurian, if I recall. I might have had another unit in there to unlock a Knucker, too. I did run the Griff Banner on the RG captain, who sat in the middle of a pack of the troops, which actually worked better than I thought it might.

        As for CS, I have found that Trident can generate a LOT of CS1 attacks and a lot of vicious thrown attacks, which has always seemed to get the job done. The Coral Giants are in there for specific instances when a little more umph is needed. When I lose with MSU its for three reasons: Massed Breath Weapons, Heal Spamming, or sufficient attacks to make Ensnare meaningless. I have never felt an absence of CS in the army. If you are playing MSU correctly, you should constantly be putting the opponent in positions where they have to expose flanks to units, especially RG troops who can hop over each other, which more than offsets the entire army being mostly CS1.