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  • Goblin allied detachment

    Every fall I've got some time to spare to paint up a new detachment. Sometimes these detachments grow unto an army in their own right, sometimes they don't.

    This fall/winter I've chosen to build a goblin detachment. My own rules are as follows:
    -The detachment must be viable as allies in a 1,500 point army. this means at most 375 points and no magical items. also no doubles in heroes/war machines.
    -the detachment must bring something to either my KoM/league armies or my undead armies they don;t have themselves.

    for my undead I;ve chosen a cheap but still resillient shooting detachment:

    -Horde spitters
    -War trombone
    -king on chariot

    Together 335 points.

    As for my League (who lack fast light cavalry) I might take fleabags instead. KoM, no idea. The two armies overlap I'd say.

    Any ideas?

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    if you take fleabag sniffs it covers shooting (better than the spitters) and light cav harasment too?


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      Spitters regiment
      Fleabag chariot regiment
      King on charriot
      370 point.
      While having less staying power this detachement threaten flank harder.
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        AVL Really worth trying. Especially as it uses nearly the same models (only 2 more chariots and a wizard) this is worth trying.