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My tourney winning list and how i played it.

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  • My tourney winning list and how i played it.

    Ok truly i just wanted to tell everyone that i won my first tournament today. A 12 man (thats big around here) 1 day event. Mostly serious and experienced guys. A couple of noobs.

    heres the list-
    2 hordes trolls- 1 with healing brew.

    2 hordes rabble
    horde of spitters

    2 regiments fleabag
    regiments mawbeasts
    wiz on fleabag inspiring talisman

    spear chukka
    2 rock lobbas

    So to start with i played an inexperienced dust player, invade was the scenario
    Went very easy on him. Showed him where he was making gameplay errors and so on. He had from memory- idol, scorpion, 2 constructs, mummies,rev infantry horde, spears.horde, some chariots amd some casters.. not a great list but also had a few things to worry me
    i ran the rabble in 2 layers on a flank to block it up. all thr fast guys on the other flank to break through and get behind enemy lines and also score. My middle was the trolls, and giant, support spitters with machines.
    the shooting made him move towards me because he coud not wait for a monster each turn. My superior speed got me into scoring territory and my rabble flank effectively blocked him from getting around my flank. My killy cemtre got stuck in amd smashed holding his scoring units in place. A win.

    my second game against an experienced orc player. He had horde ax + 1 to hit, ax horde +1to wound, drum, flagger speaker with inspire .giant and krudger on winged slasher on a flank, his middle was 2 regs ax, gores with nerve buff, amd the other flank was a fight wagon horde caterpillar.
    i used the fleabags to charge the fight wagon, pin it and follow up with mincer and mawbeasts to wipe it, allowing me to roll up from that sidewith those 2 units. The centre was a rabble, spitters, biggit and the giant off to the side a bit. He made the mistake of thinking he could break the spitters with one charge from the gores... he failed to and i ate them with a flanking giant, i stuck the rabble right in the face of the the 2 ax regiments to sheild the spitters and their friends while they dealt with the gores and to hold em while my mawbeasts and mincers came to help.
    shooting was largely inefective so ill not go into details. The other flank saw a horde of trolls hold against a giant and the krudger. I think i got lucky... giant goes down and i ground the krudger with a horde but he goes around tryimg to get awayon to kill a wiz, and then get battered by my flanking bruiser. At this stage it looks bad for the orcs. It just gets worse. His ax get hammered by artillery and lightning. They advance. I sacrifice the other spiders to allow my trolls to get onto objectives and scavenge before ripping the ax to shreds. Slaughtered to the last man. I lost 1 horde of rabble and both spider/fleabags.

    top table then.. i face the sort of tabletop bully. He was the whfb champ for a few tournaments for like 10 years running. Hes also either been first or second in the kow scene the last few years.
    abyssals eliminate.list is uh...
    2 regiments of demonettes, measured force and strength
    abyssal knights regiment with caterpillar
    efreet, chroneus, firebolt dudes with jar.
    2 gargoyles
    1 hounds
    some flying large infamtry thing with lighting 7 and stealthy
    a little lightnimg 7 dude.
    i deployed in battle groups again. I use the rabble hordes as fleshwalls. I run a fast left flank, with giant and wagon all together with 1 fleabag and the mawbeasts. Inspiro wiz is there too. My centre is spitters, trolls and 1 rabble. Right flank is fleabags and a rabble.
    opposite me is from my left to right- heavy cav behind forest, brew demonettes, efteet amd the lightnimg guys. Other demonettes, chroneus and far right the hounds.
    i know his close shooting game is strong. I also know the girls fight like hell and with stealthy and ensnare they are a nightmare to actually kill. I know his chaff game is slick.

    i get turn 1. My shooting fluffs but i remove a gargoyles unit. He responds sacrificing gargs to keep my rabble pinned and my trolls behind them. I'm ok with that because i need to keep em alive. I respond in kind with the bruiser amd rabble getting rid of the gargs. His chaff is now cleared.
    He eats the mincer with the cav but in doing so allows me to send in the giant and the fleabags, he explodes. Good trade for me.
    his shooting cripples me.
    i send the fleabags into the hounds but fail to crack them. He wiggles and puts them into my rabble, fleabags get roasted. I squish the dogs next turnwith the rabble.
    I'm ahead.
    i waver his flying git with a lobber. He had no choice but to try crack yhe giant with just demonwttes.fails. response is big. They get flattened by the giant and some friends. The goddamed efreet holds me up. I crush the flying guywith the bruiser.
    he finishes my right flank with the measured force demonettes amd starts coming back.

    i get sloppy because it looks to be over. I mash the chroneus with 2 rounds of double troll horde charges. He holds just long enough to get the girls into play again.
    I almost lost it.
    but i finally break them after losing my trolls and my giant.
    i hold the centre. I win.

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    Nice. And a Goblin list that isn't a gunline. Thanks for the report.
    To defend: this is the pact. But when life loses its meaning and is taken for naught,then the pact is to avenge!


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      In all things i strive for balance


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        Congratulations! An inspiring victory for the little green evil guy!


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          Good job! Melee wins games, plus maneuver, not shooting!

          You did it quite well! Except for game 3 as you ain't over until the Fat Lady sings!


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            I will keep this thread hidden from my goblin playing friend


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              Originally posted by Enakan View Post
              Good job! Melee wins games, plus maneuver, not shooting!

              You did it quite well! Except for game 3 as you ain't over until the Fat Lady sings!

              Yeah i learned a hard lesson there, this game can swing really fast if you're not paying attention.

              shooting is best used to either soften, or preferably you can focus out the 1 or 2 things you don't want to fight. It can also br used to make your opponent make a hurried decision because they see all the bullets flying without really understanding the consequences.
              Eg in turn 1 you blow away 2 troops of fast cav... opponent then is panicked thinking you have big firepower so they come at you.