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    Hey all,
    I've just started my first army (Abyssals). At the moment I have:

    1 Abyssal Temptress
    2 Hordes, 1 Regiment of Lower Abyssals
    2 Troops, 1 Regiment Flamebearers
    2 Troops Succubi
    1 Regiment Molochs

    I'm really liking the idea of having some Ballistas backing up my Daemons, (Twilight Kin aside, due to their impending changes) are there any Ballistas that would both thematically make sense and be effective? Particularly for taking down heavily armored targets, as at the moment I am finding difficulty with that.
    (My only opponent plays Dwarves, I find a Horde of Abyssals with the Hammer of Measured Force to be the most effective thing atm)


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    If you have your heart set on ballistas specifically, Twilight Kin are a good bet. If you just want artillery, Abyssal dwarves have that, plus it's a fluffy alliance.
    Taking the most appropriate AD artillery profile and simply using a ballista model is an option too.

    If you just want anti-armour shooting there is chroneas.
    I find abyssals work well as an aggressive in your face army though. Our shooting is pretty good, but close range and we have fury army wide.
    Try faster units, abyssal horsemen and/or archfiends to punch and gargoyles to chaff, give cover or disrupt shooting. Bane chant with the number of attacks from succubi can put damage on most things.


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      ya, stick in an efreet and a chroneus before you go looking for allies. your succubi with bane chant and brew of stregth can mash up most heavy armour.


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        a pair of regiments of Tortured souls do well against armour. Same with abyssal horsemen. Both have CS and TC; so def 5 becomes 3+ to wound.

        If you're set on artillery; use allied abyssal dwarves.
        That said. Abyssal shooting is pretty effective. Efreet with piercing (or boots of the seven leagues) and chroneas melt dwarves. I've played 1,500 points wih both Chroneas and two efreet (piercing and boots) and while this was too much (didn;t do enough against goblins with plenty of individuals) it was darn effective against dwarves of either kind. Just make sure the flying king doesn't disrupt your efreet on a key moment.