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  • a feel for the army

    so I played this game ages ago but only really played my undead against me mates kingdoms of men

    IN any case im coming back to the game with forces of the abyss

    I own the mega force right now but can someone tell how the army feels to play and also what would be a good list from the mega force

    I tend to favor an aggressive play-style

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    Originally posted by Munch View Post
    I tend to favor an aggressive play-style
    Monstrous hordes with Crushing strength 2 will find your way into your army, then. I will always take a Chroneas, and generally favour large infantry over small. Lots of people (including me) like Tortured Souls. Succubi are great for hitting, but quite flimsy, so you would need a character or two with bane chant to build up their strength - if you fail to take out your enemy quickly the Succubi will crumble. I love the flying Archfiend with a lightning bolt to give it something to do while it gets into position. Most of my armies don't have a lot of shooting, but there are Efreets and flame-bearers if you are into that sort of thing.

    (My computer tells me that Succubi, Efreets and Chroneas aren't real words. Imagine that!


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      Well thank you peter Succubi, Efreets and Chroneas had jumped out at me do you find with that style of army you tend to be outnumbered a lot in units ?


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        Succubi regiment with brew of strength, Efreet with piercing and tortured souls are always in my army. Horsemen, Chroneas, archfiend and gargoyles most of the time too. Sometimes a horde of lesser abyssals, or Molochs since they have now gotten slightly better. And some imps for chaff.


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          I'm not sure what it is about Imps but oh my do they seem to over perform (allot of people said they tend to do much better then expected and I have had the same experience!)

          I must say the Abyssal Guard are incredibly solid elite infantry, and I've had allot of success with troops of them with two handed weapons and regiments of them with the normal loadout.


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            I've tried this army as a fall-project last fall (mostly painting, but also some games):


            It's got too many regular infantry models (horde plus 2 regiments @ 1,500 points) but other than that it works fine. The combination of a regenerating anvil plus chroneas/efreet and chaff + souls works great.

            If I were to upgrade it to 2,000 points, I'd add some punch, probably horsemen (w/pathfinder) and a 2nd horde of T-souls. I prefer skipping over the archfiends as I think they suck up too many points.

            You can build this army mostly from the mega army; you'll only need one more troop of gargoyles and an chroneas. Mine's a displacer beast.

            When building gargoyles, I'd buy one additional troop and make 3 troops out of 20 models. (6/7/7) Gargoyles are very good chaff and I could feasibly fit in three troops in 2k points if I had the models.
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              Originally posted by Munch View Post
              Well thank you peter Succubi, Efreets and Chroneas had jumped out at me do you find with that style of army you tend to be outnumbered a lot in units ?
              Being outnumbered by just one or two units doesn't matter to me, and I am rarely outnumbered by a large amount.

              Most of my armies have around 11-15 units in them, as do most of my opponents'. I did run a MSU Kingdoms of Men army with over 20 drops in it, but it didn't have the punch. A lot of my armies have little or no shooting, so getting some Lightning Bolts and firebolts in an army was a bit of fun. I started the Abyssal army with 3 flying Archfiends with lightning bolts and some hordes of Tortured Souls, but have developed a bit since then. I am trying to change my playing style, but charging forward with big nasties is a lot of fun and works for me. (That doesn't mean I win that often, but it works for my enjoyment). I am changing my herd army to protect my 5 hordes with lots of troop-sized tinies, but we'll have to see how that goes.

              I win about half of my games, and, while I don't play in tournaments myself, some of my opponents are tournament players.


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                Efreet a are great as others have mentioned, but the first one in my list (and several other top players these days) gets boots of levitation, not piercing. That 26 inch threat range and ability to dance around enemy units and terrain is brilliant.

                Also, 3 words you should know and love ... well of souls. The best unit in the list, the only one to have been in literally every abyssal list I've ever played. Better than Chroneas, better than Basusu ...

                If you play with tortured souls, go regiments, not hordes. Far better value and more useful.


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                  Originally posted by Thorgrim View Post
                  If you play with tortured souls, go regiments, not hordes. Far better value and more useful.
                  Generally yes, but there are exceptions.

                  Regiments pack 9 attacks @145 points, while hordes are 18 attacks @ 220 points.
                  They have the same frontage, but regiments are more mobile due to smaller depth.

                  This means: If you need a hard-hitting hammer, take a horde.
                  If you need an all-purpose medium flier which can threaten flanks, disorder archers/cavalry for a budget price, take regiments. Regiments have better unlocks too. (regiments unlock one character slot, while hordes do the same as abyssals have no monsters but one and no warmachines)

                  In my army I require a hammer, so I pick the horde. I know many others use abyssal cavalry, but I don't have the models, so these are out.


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                    Abyssal horse, molochs, and many of our big flyers also work as hammers. Tortured Souls are ok-ish as hammers. They are not great though, and there is better value in the list, and in the wider game (i.e. Other armies). I haven't yet, and don't think I would ever run a horde of them. And people spamming hordes and thinking that's a good or competitive army make me chuckle.


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                      Army wide fury and 18 inch shooting make abyssals a rather aggressive go get kind of army. Generally with a decent number of average units plus some shiny toys.
                      Abyssals tend to have numbers over monsters because there is only one unique [monster], the rest are [monster hero], and quite a few irregular* units; so we're usually starved for slots. Which is actually fits a theme of powerful fiends commanding hordes of lesser fiends.
                      Past that there are many ways to play it and abyssals are pretty well rounded, but you are probably moving up to do much.

                      On which units a good in my experience:
                      Gargoyles are great, probably the best chaff in the game.

                      I'm fond of lower abyssal hordes, the regen means that being chipped away does not work (which is what many hordes fall to), so they either need to get hit HARD or they stay on the table till late in the game (if in a fight); it's not uncommon for them to regen around 20 wounds over the course of a game for me.

                      As said above imps are better than you might think, 14/16 is a lot of nerve for 105 points. Especially considering how low they are on most opponents' priority list.
                      Horsemen do well for me, and balance out the army. Them having fury has tipped close games in my favour more than once (brew of haste is great).

                      I'm very "boyz before toyz" when it comes to artefacts, so I go for an inspiring talisman on the efreet (plus I'm usually strapped for hero slots).