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Painted this up for a test run tomorrow

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  • Painted this up for a test run tomorrow

    So I recently have finished my new Orc army wanting to change from Elves. I have an old warhammer buddy who is getting into kings of war and is coming over tomorrow to play. He has had a few demo games at conventions but hasnt really gotten the bug to really play but he knows the rules and has thought alot about strategy etc. He was always way better than I was. So because I cannot decide fully between Forces of Nature and Orcs we are going to have a game tomorrow at 1995 points using both these armies.

    This way he can get a feel for how a 1995 battle looks like opposed to the couple 1000 point games he has had and also so that I can see both of my newer armies in action against each other.

    The lists are the following and we will just roll out of COK 18 for a scenario.

    Forces of Nature

    Heart Pierces with the Jar of the 4 winds
    Regient of Salamanders
    2 hordes of earth elementals
    regiment of Centaur bray stryders
    Horde of Slphy riders with heart piercing chant
    Centaur hero with bow
    2 winged unicorns with LB
    Beast of Nature with vicious, flying and LB
    Druid with Surge, bane chant and the Amulet of the fire heart thing 2 spells a turn.

    I like this army because it has a wall, it has great shooting, and seems like a well balanced version of the famous Bird Trash lists.

    The Orc Army is

    2 hordes of Axe
    2 hordes of trolls
    1 regiment of chariots
    2 regiments of gore riders
    1 krudger on gore with brew of haste
    1 krusher on gore
    2 God Speakers, 1 with inspiring talisman both with Heal and bane chant
    2 war drums
    1 troop of skulkers

    This list is a strong 4 hordes with heal battalion and is to me a pretty solid list.

    Having run MSU elf lists only up until this point with on friendly game with a different nature list with less shooting I am going to play as often as possible with both armies for the next couple or 3 weeks to decide which one to go with. I am going to let my friend decide which he wants to run tomorrow and use it as a learning experience for both of us and he will get to see two totally different styles of armies. He may go Elves, or Empire of Dust eventually is my guess but who knows. Will be fun to actually play against somebody I have been friends with for years and who will give me honest feedback and discuss after the battle what he really thinks about what happened. I usually play against people I hardly know and we show up and set up and play and then be on our ways without the discussion you have with real good buddies. So I am excited about playing. Then Monday I will take Nature again vs my usual Opponent who is a great guy just we both or busy and just when we have time to play its not very long so we get our game in and get back to families.

    So thoughts on the Nature list and if you think its a good matchup for the Orcs ? I honestly have zero idea who has the advantage. I want to think Nature does because of the fliers and the shooting but Orcs are tough and they dont go down easy and if they can stay in tact somewhat when the lines meet it could get ugly for Nature fast. I think if the gore riders and chariots can keep the fliers off the hordes for a couple turns things might go the Orcs way. But who knows I am excited to see what happens. Ill post pictures of the battle on here.

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    Well was a fun game. I let my friend run Orcs and I took Nature. He won in occupy. I tried to stack the shooters on a flank but the first 2 i only manages to kill the skulks. If i would of been able to take out the trolls i would of had a flank to turn. He deployed solid line and charged forward non stop from the get go. I was surprised how little effect all the LB had. I figured it would be easy. But between the godspeajer healing and the regen i only finally managed to crack the orcs right wing on turn 5. The beast of nature was my mvp in the loss. I think the flying unicorms underperformed. I think the nature list needs a horde of ensnarers or salamanders and i need to drop a unicorn or both and add another beast of nature.
    .it was only my secons game running nature and well its a learning curve as things look good on paper but not so well in reality. The sylph riders were great though. The heart puercers were blah. I need a little more umph and less fancy dancers. But it was fun and my friend had a blast playing his firat real game so mission accomplished.