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Trying out Forces of Nature - Talonriders!

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  • Trying out Forces of Nature - Talonriders!

    I have always liked the stats of the centaur bray striders and druids in the nature list but didn't get round to trying them out yet.
    The upgrade to Talonriders has convinced me to give them a go.
    I am going to try the following list with 2 hordes of Talonriders and 2 regiments of bray striders at a games day this weekend so I will report back on how it goes.

    I am hoping the maneuverability of the Talonriders, some healing and army wide pathfinder will make up for the lack of defense and hitting power compared to a lot of other armies but it might be a struggle depending on the terrain.

    I am not overly happy with the Earth Elemental horde but was struggling for points to get ensnares as an anvil.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

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    That Special Greater Fire Elemental is eating a huge chunk of points. I would be interested to know if he is worth his points.
    I tried the one horde of Talons with piercing and they work great with Flying Beasts with Lightning Bolts. Bane-Chants on the Talons work well. I was thinking Black Iron Crown for Piercing 2. Also works when they charge flanks. In my opinion the Talon should only combo charge flanks and rears.
    Good luck.

    Looking forward to hearing how you do.