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How to handle a Horde of Elven Archers

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  • How to handle a Horde of Elven Archers

    We only play with small lists (1250) points and my opponent has an horde of elven archers with behind it a mage that casts Bane Chant on the unit. With some smaller mobile archers on horsback. There are also some very mobile untis like drakon riders and drakon rider lord.

    I can handle the fast hammers but I get shot to pieces before I reach the horde of elven archers.

    How can I tackle these ?

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    Pharaoh with wings of honeymaze.


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      are you playing Cok18?

      cos then you need 2 successes to get piercing on the archers.

      I like the scorpion husk and perhaps one or 2 carrion could help


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        Originally posted by Toman226 View Post
        Pharaoh with wings of honeymaze.
        I like the Pharaoh too, also a Dwarf or AD Lord with the Wings too. Now they have Defense of 6 like the undead used to! Maybe some vanguard units?

        I feel your pain too, I had some Fiends set up to nail that Elvish Archer Horde and they......POPPED!!!

        That amount of missile fire with Elite is INSANE!!!


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          Guardian Archers are also good to fight elven archer hordes as they have an extra 12 inches of range.


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            Guess you could throw the Jar on a big musketeer or X-bow horde too, for their 20 missile attacks. They don't hit as well as the Elves but if you keep that clear LOS you'll eventually wear them down.


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              Thank you for your replies. I did not know about the updated version CoK18. I do have the book.

              Due to certain personal campaign rules on magic artifacts , the flying pharaoh is not an option. If I attempt to counter this with other flyers I need at least two flying units as the other is likely to be taken down due to shooting (and any other is probably countered by the drakon riders.)

              I will try the Guardian Archers for certain
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                the 2 success rule for Bane Chant was from cok17 and carried through to cok18.
                Its a very good rule.


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                  You can also try a Bone Dragon, though you would need to screen it some on the advance as that dragon looooooooooves to get shot to death.

                  In general though, one horde or two regiments of scavengers should be sufficient to disrupt that one horde.


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                    oooh also, try terrain... like just set up the table with like 10 pieces of terrain on it, no line of sight means no shooting.


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                      Originally posted by The_Bag View Post
                      oooh also, try terrain... like just set up the table with like 10 pieces of terrain on it, no line of sight means no shooting.
                      This is actually a good point. How much terrain are you guys using? For a normal 6x4 table, typically there should be ~6-10 pieces of terrain. I know that the Epic Dwarf website used to have well balanced map packs, but the site does not appear to be loading very well right now. One more note on terrain, are you allowing hills in the deployment zone? I know most tournaments do not allow that just to make sure that hordes can't rain fire down ignoring cover starting on the top of turn 1, not without at least moving first.


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                        Originally posted by TarcMaylor View Post

                        This is actually a good point..
                        You seem surprised... should i be offended?


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                          I have hills, but nothing that exceeds the hight 3 difference to ignore cover. And mostly hill are in the battlefield. Not on the Edge. So it is all good on the terrain part.
                          I will have a game end of the week. The updated rule about bane chant will probably make all the difference.


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                            Whoah there man, maybe I'm reading wrong.

                            an elf is height 1. He can't see over hills. He can see taller things over the hills but they all have cover except monsters.