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Any news about new upcoming EoD models?

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  • Any news about new upcoming EoD models?

    Would love to know.

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    I would also be very interested in this. Thinking of eventually making EoD my second army when I get done with my League army ( in like 2 years). I like the mantic models for EoD a lot and would love to see new additions.


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      I've been saying for like a year now that, looking at the Tomb Kings ebay market, Mantic would be wise to expand the EoD line. Like seriously, try buying chariots. Or skeleton cav. It's nuts.


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        Scorpion, bone giant, bone dragon, chariots. All popular choices in army lists but I don't think any are on the horizon.


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          I have a large pile of the Tomb kings models that were my only army in a game that was abandoned few years back. I am really happy playing them as EoD in KoW and switching to KoW gave me much better gaming experience, I enjoy the game system, its simplicity (and still complex game) and really balanced armies. I have 9 chariots painted (including Settra that I play on a regimental base), about 6 more unpainted, many cavalry models etc. I guess I am not the only one who liked and piled on the Tomb kings models. Still, it would be nice if Mantic released more models for the range. Personally, I do not lack much, but a mounted priest (I got only one, so I always go with one mounted and another one of foot), bone dragon (could not find anything suiting my taste on the market) and a Mantic model for a bone giant would be nice additions to my collection. However, I am afraid that the company is not planning any new releases for the armies that were adopted from the other game system and will concentrate on releasing more models for the "genuine Mantic armies".