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  • EoD list idea

    Hi guys.

    A disclaimer: I don't play EoD, but I have a lot of experience with undead.

    How this started was a conversation between a friend and myself, just discussing shambling/surge and we got round to talking about the EoD.
    I have basically no experience with or against them, so I thought I would delve into the list and see what I could come up with.

    So here it is:
    - Horde revenants (Griffon banner)
    - Regiment Mummies
    - Regiment Mummies (blade of slashing, I had 5 points left over)
    - Regiment Enslaved guardians (Drain life)
    - Regiment Enslaved guardians (Drain life)
    - Troop Skeleton cav
    - Troop Skeleton cav
    - Horde Revenant worm riders (helm of confidence, not necessarily needed though)
    - Monolith
    - Bone Giant
    - Cursed Priest (fireball, heal(4) mounted, and Black iron crown)
    - Cursed priest ( fireball, heal(4), mounted and shroud of the saint)

    Basic idea is to have the horde revenants in the middle, flanked by the mummies. Behind them you have the cursed priest with the super heal, the monolith (I know this will take some maneuvering) and then joined by both guardians. This group is very much the core of the list. With the guardians close to the monolith, you have Wind (7) on each and soul drain (8) on each. They are there to stand back, disrupt enemy formations with the windblast, then later they take on a sustain role by soul draining and maintaining your infantry core. Simply grind away! Worst case they can themselves step up and hit some heads. The priest with the super heal, 9 if close to the monolith, Is there to fireball chaff, and then just support your troops. The guardians also function as deterrents to enemy fliers. Since you can always pivot and surge.

    The cavalry + worms + cursed priest will operate together.
    The Giant will be deployed wherever he is needed.

    Possible tweaks: Swap out giant + helm of confidence for the behemoth with catapult? Should make opponents more keen to engage you.

    This list relies on you not messing up your monolith placement, and will probably take some test runs to perfect, but I think this looks like a pretty intense grinding list with quite its own flavour.

    What are your thoughts?

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    I haven't actually played EoD (although I am looking at them for my 4th army), but I have played against them quite a lot.

    I only have a few specific comments, can't really say anything about the army as a whole.

    Enslaved Guardians are very expensive for what they do. And if you are going to use them as spellcasters, they are way way too expensive. Just replace them with two more regiments of Mummies. No one does grinding better than Mummies.

    Also, I'm not sure you need fireball on the Cursed Priests. They will be busy healing and surging.


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      I like fireball on the cursed priests, it's great for tidying up units in the endgame. Enslaved guardians are a strange little unit, yes, it can be hard to make much use of their mix of abilities. Tanking up around the monolith is quite fun though, I think if you're going for that plan one unit at least is OK.

      The one thing I would try to get into that army somewhere is scavengers, just having that one really fast unit can make a big difference.


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        Scavengers are awesome. Not only are they among the best chaff in the game (second only to Gargoyles), but they are also unit strength 2, which is very useful in certain scenarios.


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          In my book, Scavengers might actually be better than gargoyles just because of how good height(2) and De4+ is on flying chaff. It is also worth noting that in CoK18 they are at -1 unit strength due to fly, so a reg is only 1 and a horde is only 2.

          Anyways, in regards to the list, I think it has promise for sure. I will say though that I tried a guardian soul drain 'spam' (2x priests and 2x guardian regs with soul drain, plus monolith) and it was... fun? But not really worth it in the end. You are spot on in keeping the guardians as regiments if you're going to be using them as spell batteries though, since the spell dice don't scale with unit size. In general also, the wormriders have only been a disappointment to me... Strangely enough, it's the NOT having shambling that ruins them for me. Helm of Confidence on them doesn't feel necessary as they will be around your main block pretty well most of the game (sp6 is realllllll) and the priests and monolith can keep them inspired; I would probably go with a brew of strength or maccwar's if you can afford it, since they suffer a lot if they're ever hindered.


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            Hi all thanks for the feedback.

            Rapax I know in terms of straight grinding, mummies are better (because holy hell those guys can grind! I've have seen what they can do in my undead lists). I wanted the enslaved guardians partly for their windblast as well, though I don't want to rely on windblast alone, so the drain life is their as backup, with their only combat prowess as late game or last ditch effort. I don't actually own EoD or planning on playing this list (too focused on my fishmen right now), I just thought it would be quite interesting. No other list has this interplay of abilities, so thought it would be interesting to see.

            I like the fireball, it gives quite some good chaff clearing, and helps with clean up late game. Also the priest won't need to surge every round, the idea is to kind off hunker around the monolith. So they should have chance to throw the odd fireball once in a while.

            Since this list will quite a bit stationary, I think it is probably better to try and swap out the giant for the behemoth with the catapult upgrade, just gives you that extra bit of threat.

            TarcMaylor Wow, I missed that the worm riders don't have shambling. The idea of them is simply to have a relatively fast unit to either protect the flanks or smash through a flank. Perhaps beter to replace with some monster and scavengers? Because, yeah those scavengers actually looks really good at second glance.

            Well this was kind off a thought experiment. Whenever I look at a new army I ask myself: What can they do, that no-one else can do? And the guardians with windblast/drain life along with the monolith just kinda lept out at me.