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    Horde of Bulwarkers- Brew of Strength
    Regiment Ironguard
    Regiment Ironguard
    Horde of Earth Elementals
    Horde of Earth Elementals
    Greater Earth Elemental
    Regiment of Brocks
    Regiment of Brocks
    Regiment of Rangers
    Stone Priest- Martyr's Prayer, Medallion of Life
    ASB- Griffin Banner

    So I see the Elementals as one detachment and the ironguard/bulwarkers as another, they'll form a line and move forward together. The brocks will follow around the sides to push enemies towards the center line and deter flankers. Rangers will either be in the backfield as flyer deterrent or wherever the enemy has most chaff. I may switch the Ironguard to having two handweapons for a little more combat punch, currently undecided on that. I liked the idea of having a solid line of 6+ defense. The stone priest is there to heal the rocks and then the medallion to get rid of the wounds he takes off of them. Thoughts?

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    Don't waste points on Medaillon of life. With a nerve of 11/13, any wounds you take is at risk, and the regeneration only healing 1/3 of the wounds won't help.
    I would instead buy a darklord onyx ring to get 1 more heal/surge

    Also playing a luth on the ASB could help killing heavy armored ennemies. In my opinion you're a little short on Crushing Strenght...

    In fact I would have also put bane chant on the Stone priest if points were available... Still he would have reached 3 spells wich is way too many on a single spellcaster who can only cast one per turn...

    Finally, as I understand your army, the ranger are here to clean chaff, and brocks to do what brocks do. You could probably switch from rangers and stone priest artefact to berserker lord on brocks with beast slayer blade. It can clean chaff if required. But it also provides an inspiring to protect your 2 brock regiment from lucky nerve roll. It's also a huge threat for any monstrous creature regiment. Wounding on 2+ and having vicious mean it deals 6 wound on average on monstrous creatures. Monster and dragons also usually can't kill him due to it's 17 fearless nerve.
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