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  • Correct size bases

    Hi, I have a doubt about the correct size of the bases for greater elemental earth and the king on large beast. Actually I have the greater elemental earth in 50x50 base but I've seen that the one that sells mantic comes with a 75x75 base, wich is the correct?. An for the king I have it actually in a base for a large infantery is that correct?

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    The "correct" size is technically 50x50mm, but the exceptional base size rule says that you can increase the size of a monster's base to fit whatever model you are using. Mantic have caused a bit of confusion by releasing several models that can't possibly fit on a 50x50mm base, so you're fine to use the 75x75 base that comes in the box.

    So your Earth Elemental on a 50mm base is perfectly legal, but if your model was too big for a 50mm base (like Mantic's official model is) you could also legally put it in a 75mm base or bigger.

    As for the King on Large Beast, he's large cavalry which means he needs to be a 50x50mm base, but again Mantic messed up with some of their packaging and put 40mm bases into some packs.

    As a side point but still related, there have been some pretty strong hints that whenever 3rd edition comes around (probably not for at least another 12 months), some mosters will go up to a 75x75mm base as standard.
    Elliot M

    "There you go again, cheating by using the rules correctly!"


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      Thank you so much