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Lets see those updated lists after 2018 COK

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  • Lets see those updated lists after 2018 COK

    What are you having success with? I may build myself a dwarf army and I wanted to see what the other generals are using?

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    These are the basic units I am seeing the most play:
    1 to 3 Steel behemoths (now modestly undercosted)..
    King with wings.
    Bulwarker horde with brew of strength (to maximize large number of attacks) or two.
    Earth elementals with stone priests (possibly with martyr's prayer to heal up stuff, stone priests are still expensive for what they can do but the healing with De5 and 6 units can pay off).
    Beserker lord on beast with blade of beast slayer
    Beserker brock riders
    Flame belchers are really the only points efficient war machine although some people like an organ gun or two placed in an area to control a 24" forward zone.
    Rangers (troops or regiments to deal with chaff and peg forward as other units move up; not great points value for what they do but fill a needed role and can knock down chaff; it is not clear that the Herneas plus upgraded rangers or the formation taking two upgraded formations is worth the points)
    Sharpshooter troops (decent value for a unit that can hold or take objectives with piercing 2 and Ra4+ shooting, albeit with reload, but often not enough left to fit in lists)
    Mastiff hunting packs for chaff, redirection (still work in progress, very cheap drops given nerve but slower than ideal for chaff).
    Some people ally in flying or faster units (basilea elohi and Ur-Elohi) to knock down and disorder opposing heavy fast units and add a flanking, fast unit to run with beserkers.

    Wall of iron formation (iron resolve on bulwarkers and a king with wings is just nasty) and use two ironclad regiments to back up and grab objectives. The Ironclad units with iron resolve are relative cheap as drops and give the army some more units to work with and to protect the flanks of the bulwarker horde. With more cavalry and chariots and TC in the game, the phalanx and big shield combo makes the bulwarkers worth playing.

    Because the game is based often on objectives, your really need to be able to move forward consistently each turn, even at the double on turn one if possible, but protect behind the lines and flanks against flyers and fast units.
    A defense 6 heavy army with some healing ability presents a difficulty for the shooty lists that lack a lot of piercing and armies that do not have a lot of crushing strength.

    The beserkers, rangers, or mastiffs are needed to deal with armies with the faster threats and to pose threats and better grab unclaimed objectives late (if they survive) if you have no allies.


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      Good reply Lurcker2!

      As I was digging through my Dwarf tub, sorting out figures! Since I haven't played them since the first edition, how are they rated on the COW tourney scene nowadays?

      Competitive or not?


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        I think dwarfs are very competitive in the tournament scene right now. They are very strong in scenario play due to being very resilient and a combination of good shooting and hitting power.(when it gets there!)

        Lurcker did a great post in what are the most competitive choices. Out of the choices listed the ones I don't personally like to use are the Wall of Iron formation, mainly because I don't like the flying king nor the horde of bulwarkers. (Although I have tried using regiments to some moderate success)

        I think the most important thing is learning to master deployment. Because the army is so slow, you have to make sure to position your units in a way that they are going to be where they are threatening to your opponent.

        As for actual lists, this is the last dwarf list I took to a tournament which ended up performing very well.

        2x Ranger Troops
        3x Earth Elemental Hordes
        2x Brock Rider Regiments (caterpillar and brew of str)
        2x Steel Behemoth
        Stone priest - bane chant, matyr's prayer and amulet of fire heart
        Berseker Lord on brock with Blade of BS
        Army Standard with Lute


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          The two characters seem very effective,

          How do you keep them protected? Are they screened by certain units?

          I have Rangers, Brocks (converted), BL on brock, and BSB. I'd have to build or buy the Elementals and Behemoths.

          But, they'd be worth it! Defense SIX, heck yes!


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            Typically the Stone priest will just tag along behind the EE hordes unless the opponent has a H3/H4 shooting threat I need to worry about. The stone priest will pick up quite a few wounds casting prayer and might get exposed in the later turns, but if he is getting killed late game, that means that your other scoring units are probably still alive and doing their job. I'll gladly trade his life for another unit.
            The army Standard will tag next to the steel behemoths and make sure he is within range to jump and bane chant the Brocks when needed. I find that I will march him the first turn or two to make sure he is within range for those later turns.

            Earth elemental can be a lot of fun both with the surge tricks you can do and just their overall power and defense. Back by the prayer healing its a very strong combination.


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              Since I have a four day weekend with the wife, I think we'll need a break I can go look in my Dwarf army tub.

              I like the combos on the characters there, I do have plenty of miniatures to choose from. Time to start play testing! Solo dice rolling, I don't have any local opponents.



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                I'll be doing my first GT in over a year at Capital City Clash. I'm taking -

                Horde elementals
                2 Regiment of Ironguard
                Reg, Brocks, Strength
                Reg Brocks, Cata
                Reg of Herneus' Rangers
                Greater Earth Elemental
                Stone Priest w/Banner of the Griffon and Bane Chant
                ASB with the Lute of Unspeakable Bane Chant
                Herneus the Hunter
                Brock Lord with the Blade of the Beast Slayer
                2 Flame Cannons

                I have 3 battle groups, potentially 4.

                The Ironguard flank either side of the Earth Elemental Horde with Flame Cannons between them. Craggoth goes to one flank of this battle group and the other elemental on the opposite side. The ASB and the Stone Priest work the backfield here, providing +1 Ne, inspiration, Surge, and Bane Chant.

                Rangers deploy to one side, and the Brock contingent and their Brock Lord to the other.

                The center of the line is nasty, with the Ironguard and Elementals all very hard to shift and rugged against shooting. They take objectives and control the center of the board. The Rangers provide mid range fire support and a relatively swift combat threat, while the Brocks do what Brocks do. At least, that's the theory.


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                  Those are some great lists. I have much to think about.

                  No list looks complete with the presence of Brock Regiments, Earth Elementals and a Berserker Lord with the Blade of the Beast Slayer.


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                    How about this?

                    2x Earth Elementals (Horde)
                    2x Brock Riders w/ potion of Caterpillar & Brew of Strength (Regiment)
                    2x Flame Belcher
                    1x Berserker Lord w/ Blade of the Beast Slayer (Mounted)
                    1x King w/ Wings of the Honeymaze
                    1x Stone Priest w/ Bane Chant & Myrddin’s Amulet of the Fire-heart
                    2x Steel Behemoth
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                      I like it!

                      I was tinkering with something similar, but had two Mastiff units to screen two Organ guns. Otherwise, not much difference!

                      I just don't know about the Flame Belchers. I am used to playing with the mobile flamers, from the Ratkin and AD's.

                      Looks good!!!


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                        I went 4-2 at Cap City Clash with that list. I was, admittedly, pretty rusty. I found that the D6 Wall I had worked very well.

                        I need Martyr's Prayer.

                        Flame Cannons aren't quite what they used to be, although still pretty good.

                        I needed probably one more unit of speed to tailgate the Brocks. Either a troop of them or maybe some Mastiff units. Or allies. I often found myself overmatched on whatever "speed" flank formed up in deployment.

                        Craggoth is what all Greater Earth Elementals should be (maybe without vanguard).

                        Herneus and his Rangers were good.

                        Ironguard were solid. Working alongside the elementals and augmented with easy Bane Chant made them a constant defensive and offensive threat. M4 sucks, but D6 infantry at that price point is pretty good.

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                          Double posting for the win!

                          I'm looking at this for my 2500 pt build if I decide to go to Bayou Battles -

                          2 Ironguard Reg
                          2 Brock reg (STR and Cata)
                          Elemental Horde
                          Steel Behemoth
                          2 Mastiff Reg
                          Elohi Horde (gyros)
                          King on a Lg. Beast
                          Brock Lord w Blade

                          Pretty typical hammer and anvil. Steel Behemoth provides punishing breath weapon with a hard to break chassis. King on Large Beast takes the spot of the old Greater Earth Elemental.I Lose the surge flexibility but gain range and more consistent damage, and inspiring. Bannik does backfield protecting a little better than Flame Cannons, albiet at short range.

                          On the fast side, I wind up with Elohi, two reg of Brocks, plus two sets of chaff that I can use to screen the brocks or even try to get to the back field or on objectives. Basically, some flexible movement and options over there.

                          I dropped the rangers and Herneus. Not sure if that's a good idea or not. The idea behind this list is for the D6 unit to bounce anything that comes their way and pick up objectives and what not, and for the fast section to murder things and take late game objectives, table quarters, and the like. Elohi give me an opportunity to threaten enemy fliers and safely set up my charges with the brocks.


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                            Congrats on the showing at the Cap City Clash. You list looks like fun (not to play against though). All the defense makes it hard to deal with once you get established.

                            I never noticed Craggoth before you mentioned him, his stats are crazy good. I suppose he is a Earth Elemental special character?

                            I still wish that the Mastiff's were a bit faster, do they seem to be getting the job done at the tournaments you've attended?