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Diagonal movement?

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  • Diagonal movement?

    Hi guys, mayby you can help me with a rules question?

    I think I get the rules for moving diagonaly, but a couple of days ago I encounterd a situation where we didn't really know how to proceed. In short: can a model move diagonaly if the adjacent squares are occupied by a wall and an enemys frontal arc?
    The frontal arc doesn't hinder movement, but a model moving into it must stop. Should I interpret this so that you can't move diagonaly past an enemy or that it's totaly fine? See the image for an example.

    Cheers mates! Diagonal förflyttning.jpg

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    You only have to be able to move into the square for the diagonal movement to be allowed. Since you are not breaking away, you could enter the front arc square so the diagonal movement is allowed. If you were breaking away you would not be allowed to move into either of the two squares (one front arc other wall) so would not be able to make the diagonal move.
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      Awesome, thanks for the quick response! =)