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    Where the hell did my post featuring these guys go?

    EDIT: Hmm... now I see it on the bottom of page 1. Thought I was going mad...
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      I went and picked up this cheap Revell 1:52 Star Wars Snowspeeder model to add a bit of scenery to my games. $9, a bargain. This is it just before some more fixing and stuff, waiting for the diluted whites to dry... Enforcer Engineer for scale.

      Anyway, it made me think... Warpath/Deadzone/Firefight would really do well if they'd implement a few "light" vehicles, things like 1- or 2-man ATVs, single-seat scout craft, self-propelled weapon platforms, etc. Aim for something that fits inside a 3" cube.

      Here it is from the back, with the same engineer provided for scale.

      ...and a top view, without the "foot". You can see that almost fits inside the 3" square.


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        I really like what you've done with your bases, and the white of your enforcers armour looks good, very clean.

        Did you find cork easy to work with? I'm considering trying it for basing my forge fathers.


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          Cork, provided it is dry, is really easy to work with. Take a scalpel, shape it into whatever you want, makes for really nice rocks and stuff. You just need to keep in mind the fact that it is somewhat absorbant, so don't be shy with the glue or layers of paint.