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What paints and stuff to use for the Forces of the Abyss?

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  • What paints and stuff to use for the Forces of the Abyss?

    Hi guys, I want to prepare all the stuff so I can start painting the Forces of the Abyss as soon as my Kings of War Vanguard kickstarter box arrives. (I realized I already got quite exited for that stuff).
    However, so far I have never painted demons or things like that. But I would wanna go in the direction of the classic red deamons.

    I was curious on which colors/primers you would use for the different models of the Abyssals? I searched around a bit but did not find anything going into detail for the Forces of the Abyss on youtube or in the forum. I would like to paint them "properly" this time, meaning using washes/shade/drybrushing. So far I only sometimes used drybrushing and directly put my colors onto a black or white painted/sprayed model. Now I am more concerned about the "time factor" and less about money and I watched a few eye-opening youtube videos about washes and spray-priming for quicker results and I wanna give that ago.

    I wonder about the Succubi and the Lower Abyssals/Flamebearers the most because I would like to start with those to get a "feel" before taking on the despoiler.

    So far I only have GW Black spray primer and Army Painter paints of Dragon Red, Pure Red and Daemonic Yellow and the Strong Tone Wash which I see as useful for this project.

    So what would you take? Or do you know some "painting guide" for the Abyssals that I missed. I am mostly concerned with the skin.
    I was thinking about buying a Dragon Red spray primer, base priming it in that, then washing it with the Strong Tone wash, highlight with the pure red and then drybrushing it with... well with what actually? Maybe the Real Red mixed with the Deamonic Yellow or maybe mixed with Yellow or some bone color?

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    I'd prime with this :

    Then you can wash with Brown/sepia or red ink ( Red Wash from AP or Agrax Earthshade from GW)
    depending on what you looking for.

    Then higlight with dragon red + orange or dragon red + a darkish tone of flesh ( like cadian fleshtone from GW) ,

    Or you can wash with blue i guess and go purple tones.

    Depending on what you're after ( red/orange, red/pink, red/purple, red/ RED).

    Not a pro painter tho , but i'd try those 4 if i had to paint red deamons

    Also :

    Bloodletters from GW:

    Lava tone, looks dope:

    Cheers !
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      thanks jwerk!

      mail with the colors is on the way!


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        Curious about the results! Please post pics here!

        Anyhows, for another set of options: this Abyssal army has been painted with only three colours + one ink for the models. (plague flesh, goblin green, bleached bone and purple ink wash)

        The basing took more colours than the models themselves.

        Anyhows, good luck and I'm looking forward to the results