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KoM/brotherhood color scheme

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  • KoM/brotherhood color scheme

    Hello all,

    I was looking for some suggestions on a dark color scheme where the overlapping kom units can match my brotherhood knights to look like one coherent force. But at the same time, by themselves, have an evil men theme for themselves. Thanks!

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    I love yellow and black, or yellow and purple/pink


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      Originally posted by The_Bag View Post
      I love yellow and black, or yellow and purple/pink
      Yellow and black maybe. 2 toned on the fancy brotherhood, and do a black and dark browns with a bronze or gold armor and weapons for the kom. Though id feel id have to give bronze armor and weapons to the knights for the sake of matching hardware, and could possibly be too yellow overall for them.

      Plus, it might make me think too much of
      Stryper-1986.jpg?w=630&h=420&zc=1&s=0&a=t&q=89.jpg lol.
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        Lol. Thats funny.

        but i meant more like this


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          Interesting! Don't know how much of a fan or the purple pink I am though, at least for what I had in mind.


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            Yellow/black makes for a very strong colour scheme.


            These are the pictures I've got with me right now; other knights are far darker in colour scheme. (My order of the abyssal hunt is nearly only yellow, the order of the brotherhood is black-with-yellow accents). Bear in mind that yellow is a PITA to paint; especially over a black undercoat. These ones are undercoated white; takes a little more time to paint well, but looks a lot better!

            One of my two KoM armies (which also double as League, Basileans or Brotherhood depending on my whim) is yellow and black and I must say they look splendid on the table top.
            this is 1,500 points of the buggers: Army list here:


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              Very nice looking indeed! I'll definitely have to keep that in mind, they look fantastic! Thanks for sharing.