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The Host of Lionstone

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  • The Host of Lionstone

    My army is heavily Chrace-themed from the time of WHFB, and although we started to use the KoW rules, I still prefer the elven fluff from WHFB (could be because I don't quite know enough about KoW fluff to be fair). Anyways, from the mountains and forests of Chrace comes the army of Deral Lionbane and his brave warriors!

    Deral Lionbane and his fearsome mount (ideas for a name?). I use him as either a Dragon Kindred Lord or a Drakon Lord, depending on the game

    Deral Lionbane on foot, or alternatively some other Elf Prince/King on foot

    A secondary fighting character on foot

    And the obligatory Elven Mage (he's actually based now, but I don't have a picture of that)

    Stormwind Cavalry, the test model

    And the unit (they're missing one, but he's under construction now that I got my hand on a few more reavers from the IoB)

    Silverbreeze cavalry! I am convinced I have a few more Reavers somewhere, but no more horses, so they're stuck at an awkward number

    Kindred Archers and a giant rock statue that they occasionally drag around with them

    Palace Guard! I have actual White Lions as well, but they're older models which are not quite so pretty to look at

    Bolt thrower, the model that finally convinced me that I need to repaint all the spears, lances and bows brown.

    A special addition, some eagles. I have no idea what to do with them, but I had two so I wanted to paint them

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    Looks beautiful.
    Eagles were great in the old game, haven't used them in KOW yet.
    For the mount ... Bonegnawer? Goblinchewer? Orcmuncher?


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      Thanks! Ditto on the Eagles, looking at the unit they seem a bit like discount Drakon Riders, would that be accurate?
      Speaking of Drakon Riders, my Griffon riders project is underway! Thoughts, ideas, suggestions?