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  • Painted by Rafal Maj

    Hey, I'm back to Mantica. It took me a while, but I'm bringing some new armies with me.

    I do have some painted Dwarf models I'll be posting here while working on my new army.
    My Dwarf army is pretty small, and it does not meet army building requirements. It lacks regiments and hordes. And to save myself from painting hordes and hordes of dudes, and to get myself quicker into playing KoW, I've started an Ogre army.

    Ogres are pretty nice for start. A regiment is just 3 models (2 if you go MMC) and horde is just 6 (4 if MMC)! Isn't that crazy? I'm really eager to paint them. Right now I'm mostly assembling them. I'll post some painting test models asap. Don't get me wrong. I'm not planning to paint it beautiful, I just need painted KoW army and I need it quick. So I'll probably use some quickshade techniques. Anyway I would say more after some test models are done.

    Cheers! - my miniature painting blog

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    How’s this project coming Rafal?