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  • Illumini´s Kislev Army

    I have recently started a blog about my progress building a Kislev army for Kings of War. Check it out on:

    I am currently working on:
    3 troops of ungol horse archers
    2 regiments of winged lancers
    1 troop of ungol lancers
    and the ice queen herself on a frost dragon

    I just finished the first troop of ungol horse archers, with two more coming soon.
    I will update this thread when I post updates and check comments here, so feel free to comment in this thread.
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    Almost finished with my Ice Queen on dragon conversion, a teaser pic has been uploaded to the blog


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      nice job. looking forward to see her painted. keep it up!

      the wingt lancers are terrific!

      (I think it would motivate ppl more to comment on your progress, if you could include 1 picture of each blog update here...)
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        Great army. Yeah, post a few pics here. Nice work.
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          Check out Fireforge miniatures Mongol Hordes
          To defend: this is the pact. But when life loses its meaning and is taken for naught,then the pact is to avenge!


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            Thanks for the comments

            Sure, I can post a picture from the blog posts in this thread as well.

            I have checked out Fireforge. The mongols look good, but the ungols were one of the reasons I wanted to do a kislev army, so I have not really considered using the mongols in my army. The Russian heavy infantry on the other hand look like they should fit in great with my Kislev. They have similar armor and even very similar visored helmets. I am a bit worried about possible size differences though. Do you have any FF models yourself?

            I have made some progress on a regiment of winged lancers recently, a couple more pictures can be seen on the blog.
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              I am very close to finishing up 6 units of cavalry, overview picture of them all has been added on the blog.

              Would also appreciate any input on the playability of the proposed 1250 list:
              Duke on Ancient Winged Aralez, Enscrolled armor
              Wizard, Bane Chant, Inspiring Talisman
              2x Household Knight regiments
              1x Household Knight troop
              3x Halfling Ranger Cavalry troops
              + 15pts of magic items


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                I always loved the concept of the Kislev ice Queen, the most powerful ice sorceress leading a nation besieged by chaos with an icy fist, but she was not imposing enough. So she has visited Daenerys for a crash course in being more imposing, which in general entails: DRAGONS!

                So, for the dragon fans:


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                  Detail looks a lot better than I'd expect for a D&D model.
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                    It is a "premium" D&D model, so that might explain the quality difference from normal D&D miniatures.


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                      Still working on the dragon unfortunately, but I have managed to finish off a troop of winged lancers in the meantime:


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                        The Ice Queen herself joins the party! More pictures and some fluff on the blog:



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                          beautiful! great paintjob all around!
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                            That dragon is AMAZING. I want one.
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                              The Tzarina now also has support from one of her Ice Sorceress sisters:
                              A couple more pics and a bonus on the blog.