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Should Tin Bitz/Magic Metal be *this* dark?

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  • Should Tin Bitz/Magic Metal be *this* dark?

    So I ordered a pot of Coat d'Arms Magic Metal after hearing it's identical to the old Citadel Tin Bitz. Never owned a pot of either before but anticipated a dark bronze paint. What I actually appear to have (after much shaking and stirring) is a pot of near-black sludge with the odd glitter speck of bronze (see photo).

    Can anyone give me advice on what's going on here? Is this actually how it should look? Does it just need insane amounts of stirring? Or could it be a duff batch where the metal has oxidised or something?

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    Hmmm... this photo seems a bit too blurry to really make out an answer to your question


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      It's a blurry photo as Carcearion says, though from what I can see, it looks waaay to dark. It should be darker than a gun metal, with some brassy colour to it