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    So I'm not new to terrain, minis, painting, etc. I decided to take my first plunge in to the Mantic world. I like the look of the terrain and miniatures. So my first purchase was the Terrain Crate: Gang Warzone. Everything looks great and aside from some missing pieces (I have a ticket in already), I have a few questions. So first off the process of building is pretty straightforward but the crate didn't come with any documentation or examples besides what's on the box. Youtube searches came up with not a whole lot in the way of build recommendations or even a full part list.

    Has Mantic pout out any official build guides or anything like that on youtube, etc?

    My thought is to build a few modular pieces I can swap around so the battlefield doesn't look the same every time.

    I am also surprised at the lack of 'floor tiles' I only got two or three full floor tiles the rest is just damaged stuff, I guess I should have read it more or checked the pictures. lol Are there any places where you can get small packs of certain tiles or whatnot? My only other option would be to design my own and throw a few out of my 3d printer, which is doable but work. I think those were my only questions.

    EDIT: I am planning on using the terrain for Starfinder and maybe Infinity.

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    The old battlezone packages had pictures of the sprues. The new terrain crates don't really show what you get anymore. Mantic frequently falls on its face like that....

    You can go to Google and search for Deadzone Terrain and click on the images tab and you'll see lots and lots of examples for inspiration.

    I've heard of some people using plasticard for floors.

    There's also a few Mantic pics at their site,