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Building the Veer Myn Tunneller

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  • Building the Veer Myn Tunneller

    I have started building the Veer Myn Tunneller and it seems that the three rotors can go in one of two ways, depending on which way round the supporting arms are installed.

    I am making the nose bit removable so I can add or remove a weapon, but am wondering which way round is "right" for the rotors.

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    I did mine so the 3 blades were pointing inwards to make a single point as if they were grinding the rocks between them. Kind of opposite to the pic you have on the right. The gun ones I did open like the ones on the left.
    I'm not saying I'm right but I'm happy with them. I'll try and take some pics tomorrow.
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      I have tried it with the rotors both ways and am currently suffering from indecision.

      I have added three magnets to the front nose ring so it will be removable to allow the weapons to be swapped or left off. The white circular plate is mounted behind the weapon, so if it is left off, it will conceal the inside of the vehicle.

      So the position of the rotors needs to take into account the weapon may or may not be installed...


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        Here's mine. I got the battlegroup, so 3 Tunnellers and a 'trailer'.

        I decided to make 1 transport with the trailer, but magnetised it, so I can use it as a short transport, or with the wagon.
        The other 2 I did identical.
        I magnetised the weapons (after sawing them off), so I can have 1 of either, or 2 of the same type.

        (Here's hoping photobucket shows the pics - they seem to be doing on my PC)

        The Magnetised Transporter

        Magnetised for either weapon Tunneller

        Used the dremel to drill a few holes for magnets and a saw to remove the weapon. They hold together really well.
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          Here is my take on it (and it has the drills backwards, I know) http://blog.untilsomebodylosesaneye....rom-below.html
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            Originally posted by puggimer View Post
            Here is my take on it (and it has the drills backwards, I know) http://blog.untilsomebodylosesaneye....rom-below.html
            Is there such a thing as backwards for these? They seem to work/look fine either way.

            Great blog and paintwork btw.

            I was going to do the yellow in pretty much the same places but was going to basecoat it with AP's Gun Metal and Nuln Oil wash it.
            Is your tunneller grey or silver?
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              Thanks guys, some useful input. Great to see magnets being used on these things to open up the options.