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Creature Caster Boreal Treewalker Review

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  • Creature Caster Boreal Treewalker Review

    Hi all!
    I took the plunge and bought some creature caster models and have done my first review of their boreal treewalker on my blog

    I will also be doing reviews of their emperor and mountain dragons over the next few days.
    If only I could be so grossly incandescent

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    Nice review. Really like this figure and yeah, he could sway me to start a FoN army.
    Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, we're all gonna die in a Sharknado!*

    Total figs painted for 2014-
    120/120 Zombies
    5/5 Black Knights
    120/120 Skeletons
    5/5 Balefires
    20 Skellie Engineers/Balefire Crew
    10/10 Skeleton Rats
    0/2 Skeleton Dog Handlers
    0/2 Undead MSB
    0/3 Wraiths/Undead Elohi
    2/3 Werewolves
    30/40 Ghouls
    5/5 Mummies
    1/1 'Skellie Extras'

    *Best film ever!


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      $83 ??!! No thanks. But thanks for the review.
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