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Plastic cages for each multibase

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  • Plastic cages for each multibase

    Stacking my models in my case the other day, a thought popped into my head and I wanted to know wether anyone has tried this, or if its a bad idea! ;D

    Has anyone tried to make plastic "Roofs and walls" for their multibases? In addition to protecting the models, it will make them easily stackable and make transporting them much easier. You could even play with them in their plastic cages! (Though this would put a lot of people off.) The ideal situation would be to make tracks or something in the multibases themselves, which would allow you to slide or clip the plastic cage in place at will.

    So, stupid or interesting? If anyone has already done this, IŽd like to know how it turned out!

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    I think magnetizing the bottom of the bases and have a carrying case with several layers is a better solution.

    A cage won't stop models on the edge of the base from hitting the walls and getting damaged if the container is shaken. And different units need different abount of space around the base with spears etc, sticking out above and outside the base.
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